Inhabitants of the Parish of Therfield, 1806

Taken July 1806.  See Notes
Reproduced with permission from Herts Archives and Local Studies (HALS), custodian of the original volumes on behalf of the Diocese of St Albans (doc ref: DP/107/29/9).

Persons Names Occupation Place of Residence No. of Children at Sunday School (Rector's notes in margin)


Samuel Anderson Labourer Thrift  Royston 4 2
James Anderson Thatcher Padlers 1
William Anderson Labourer Bury Hall 4 2
Benjamin Anderson Labourer Village Wife Mantua maker
Thomas Anderson Labourer Ducks 5 1 works
Edward Anderson Labourer Dean End 2
Joseph Anderson Labourer Dean End 1 Inft. Widower
John Anderson Labourer Dean End 2 Infts.
John Anderson Farmer Village 1 Son works
James Anderson Thatcher Coburn hill 3
Richard Anderson Labourer Coburn hill 3 1 Widower
Widow Anderson Rook's nest
Widow Anderson Village
Widow Ralph Anderson Hay green and Daughter & Son who works
William Atkyns Senr. Labourer Village Widower
William Atkyns Cordwainer Village 2 2
Anderson George Cordwainer Royston 3
Anderson Wm. Labourer Guiver's Lane
Anderson Job Labourer Reed End 1
Anderson Benjamin Royston & wife 3 Royston


James Beale Farmer Village Wife no children
Edward Beale Farmer Village Mother & 2 Sisters
William Beale Farmer Dean End 2 Infts.
James Beale Labourer Village 1 Son works Widower
Edward Beale Cordwainer Buckland and Wife
George Beale Dean End and Wife
Samuel Bullard Labourer Village 2 Sons both go to work
James Bullard Thatcher Ducks 2
William Batt Labourer Village 4 4 3? Go to work
James Boulton Labourer Village 2 Sons both go to work
Joseph Burroughs Farmer Odney Wife and 4 Children Dissenters
______ Buckeridge Publican Buckland 1 Dissenter
Widow Bray Village
Mary Bray Spinster With her Mother 1 an Inft.
Widow Beadle Buckland to Buckland
Francis Burley Buckland 2 to Buckland


Jas. Coote Reed End Bailiff to Mr. Hurrell Dissenters
William Camp Labourer Tuthill house 2 1
Thos. Camp Widow Labourer Blue house 1 one in service
James Camp Farmer Dean End 2 Man & Woman
James Camp Junr. Carpenter Village 3 1
William Crane Labourer Church yard 1
James Compton? Publican Royston & Wife?
John Cherry Thatcher Reed End & Wife
Samuel Cherry Labourer Reed End 2 Infts.
Widow Clark Buckland
James Cherry Labourer Village 1 Inft. Buckland
Thomas Cherry Labourer Buckland
James Cutts Widow Labourer Buckland 2 belong to Kelshall
Thomas Clambourn Labourer Buckland 1
Jas? Chapman Labourer Buckland 4 Buckland
John Chandler's Wife and 3 Children


Thomas Draper Publican Village wife
John Draper Gardener Village 4 3
John Drage Farmer Five Houses 2? 1 2 go to work
James Dale Labourer Buckland 3
Joseph Drage Buckland 2 to Buckland


Widw of James Edwards Labourer Hay Green & Wife
Thomas Edwards Labourer Broad Green 5 2 3 go to work
Thos. Edwards Junr. Labourer Hay green and Wife
Mary Edwards Dean End Widow & grandchild


John Fordham Farmer Village and Sister Dissenters
Jane Fardell Widow Dean End 5 2 work
John Free Farmer Reed End Wife and 2 Sons
Jno. Freeman Buckland & Wife belong to Buckland
Thos. Freeman Buckland 2 Widower


William Gatward Labourer Padler's Lane 5 1? 2 work
Thomas Groom Cordwainer Village Widower
John Groom Do. & Parish Clk. Village 2 2
Saml. Groom Farmer Hay Green & Jos. Groom & son Bachelor
John Groom Cordwainer Hay green 5
Widw. Gatward Village
James Gatward Labourer Hay green 7 2 2 boys work
Wm. Gawthorne Village Bailiff to Mr. Free & Mary Field Housekeeper
John Gilson Shop keeper Broad green 5 3
Thos. Green Publican Buckland 2
John Gray Butcher Buckland 2 Daughters & Wife
John Guiver Miller 1 Miller


Edward Haggar Labourer Bell Yard 4 1 3 boys work
George Haggar Labourer Bury hall Son & Daughter Widower
Richd. Haggar Labourer Village 4 1 2 boys work
George Haggar Labourer Hay green 4? Infts.
Lavender Haggar Cordwainer Lavenders 5 Dissenters
John Haggar Labourer Coburn hill 3 Infts.
?____ Haggar Workhouse
Wm. Haggar Labourer Coburn hill
Wm. Haggar Labourer Village 2 Infts.
Thos. Haggar Labourer Workhouse
Widw. Hazard Village 1 Daughter lame
E. Hazard Widow Village
Saml. Hale Labourer Carter's Yard 4 2
William Hale Labourer Village 1 1 Grandson
John Hale Labourer Village 2 Daughters grown up
James Hale Labourer Village 2 1 wife Mantua? Maker
Simeon Hale Labourer Bury hall 2 1 belong to Kelshall
Widw. Sam. Hale Village 2 Sons Men grown
Widw. Mary Hale Publican Reed End 1 grown up
John Hollingsworth Labourer Village 1 Son goes to work
Jno. Hollingsworth Labourer Village 2 Infts.
Widow Hodge Publican Village 1 Daughter & grandaughter
Wm. Horne Buckland Wife & Widw Horne
Wm. Hankin Buckland 1


James Jackson Labourer Village 4 1 2 work
Wm. Jackson Labourer Buckland 2 to Buckland
James Jackson Labourer Buckland
Widow Jackson Labourer Buckland
William Jones Labourer Tuthill 2 2 belong to Kelshall
__? Impleton 1


Daniel Knights Labourer Bury hall 4? 1
Thos. King Labourer Five houses 5? 1? one out
James King Labourer Chipping 5?


John Leete Blacksmith Village Wife & Son a man
James Leete Blacksmith Village 1 Inft.
Thos. Lacey Shopkeeper Village 7 3
Robin Layton Labourer Blue house Wife & no Childn.
Layton Widow Buckland? Dead


Geo. Moule Labourer Bell Yard and Son - a man lame
John Moule Labourer Buckland
John Manning Higgler Church gates and Wife
Wm. Manning Shop keeper Church gates 5 3
Saml. Mottram Miller Reed Mill 6 _?
John Mallion Labourer Buckland 7
Francis Mazy? Farmer Thrift 1 1
Mean Jno. Labourer Buckland
Widow Mason Mother of Laurence Sell


Wm. Nodes Farmer Reed End 3
Roger Nodes Labourer Carters Yard 5 2
Jno. Newling Farmer Rooks nest 2 Children Dissenters
Wm. Newling Labourer Dean End 5 1?


Thos. Oakman Labourer Cuckerfield house 3 2 boy works


Wm. Preston Carpenter Padlers 3 2 go to work
Sheffield Preston Carpenter Bury yard Elizth. his Sister & Edward
John Preston Carpenter with Eliz. Haggar & 2 children
Barnd. Preston Carpenter Village 6? 4 4 boys work
Richd. Pratt Labourer Village and Wife
Wm. Pratt Labourer Hay green 2
Robin Pratt Labourer Dean End 2 left the Parish
Thos. Phillips Farmer Village 7 Dissenters
Geo. Pigram Farmer Village 3 1
Thos. Pryor Shepherd Buckland 3 belongs to Royston
Edwd. Pigram Carpenter Buckland _? _?
Wm. Parish Labourer Tuthill 2 2 belong to Kelshall
Wm. Pymont Royston 2 to Royston


James Robinson Labourer Village 4 1
Natl. Rand Charcoal burner Dean End 3
Widw. Robinson Village
Widow Reynolds
Reynolds Henry? Labourer Village 1
Wm. Retcher Buckland 2 to Buckland


Wm. South Senr. Shepherd Village and Wife
Wm. South Labourer Hay green 4 3
James Stoton Labourer Reed end 5 1
Laurence Sell Farmer Dean end 3
Jordan Sell Farmer Five houses Widower
Edwd. Sell Labourer Dean end 1
Widw. Sole Rooks nest
Widw. Shepherd Padlers Lane
Peter Stones Labourer Carters Yd 3 Left the Parish
Thos. Shepherd Labourer Village and Wife & child
_____ Scoot? Reed end 2


Widw. Tott Reed end 1 grown up
William Tott Reed end & wife
Widow Tott Buckland 1 to Buckland


Robin Winton Labourer House at top 8 2
Widw. Winton Village
John Wing School master Wife & 1 Daughter
John Wake Cordwainer Village 6 1
John Ward Farmer Dean End 1 Daur grown up
John Ward Labourer Hay green and Wife
Hugh Wick Labourer Dean End and Wife
John Wood Carpenter Dean End 1 Inft.
Widow Wood Chipping
Saml. Warren Labourer Reed End 1 Grandson 1 Son grown up
S. Warren Junr. Labourer Reed End 5 1
Widw. Warren Buckland
Jas? Warren Labourer Buckland 5
John Whitby Labourer Buckland 2 Buckland
Thos. Walker Labourer Buckland 2 Widower Buckland
John Rd.? Wood Militia Buckland 1 Inft.
Joseph Wood Carpenter Buckland 1 son grown up
Wm. Walker Buckland 3 to Buckland
Joseph Webb Royston & wife Royston

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