Therfield Chapel Records

The Chapel was built in 1854, and has it's own website at

Baptisms and Marriages

The baptism and marriage registers may be transcribed here eventually.


The burial records at the Chapel website are quite extraordinary, and possibly unique.  Not only are there transcripts of gravestone inscriptions existing in April/May 2003 (for both Churchyard and Burial Ground), but also plans showing the position of each grave, and photographs of all the gravestones.  In addition, at the end of the transcripts of gravestone inscriptions are complete transcripts of the burial registers for both Churchyard (1856-1885) and Burial Ground (1874-2003).  These files can be found at.....

It would be unethical, possibly illegal, and utterly pointless, to duplicate the transcripts here.  Instead, this is a list of surnames included in the two sets of registers, followed by separate lists of those whose inscriptions have been beautifully transcribed at the Chapel website..... ANDERSON, ANDREWS, BAKER, BARNES, BATT, BIRD, BONFIELD, BONNET, BRYANT, BULLARD, BULLEN, CAMP, COXALL, EDWARDS, FOSTER, FREEMAN, GATWARD, GRANT, GREEN, GREIG, GROOM, HAGGER, HALE, JENKINS, JUDGE, KNIGHTS, LEETE, LEPPARD, MATTHEWS, MEAD, MOULE, NUNN, PARKER, PRESTON, PROUDFOOT, RAND, RAYMENT, REYNOLDS, ROAST, ROUSE, SHIPLEY, SMITH, TAFFS, TRIGG, TURNER, WARREN, WATSON, WEBB, WILKERSON, and WINTER.

Chapel Churchyard Inscriptions

Chapel Burial Ground Inscriptions


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