Useful and Interesting Paper Publications

Despite the amount of material which is becoming available online, paper publications have not been entirely replaced, especially those which first appeared before the Internet age.  Such publication are cheap, but still produce an income for the groups concerned, who therefore have no incentive to update the format.

Hertfordshire Family History Society
The county society, which publishes (among other things) Hertfordshire Militia Ballot Lists on a fully searchable CD, including those for Therfield from 1758-1786.  The Lists are effectively a census of males aged 18-50 (45 from 1762) who were eligible for militia service.  Some trades and professions were exempt, but there were few of these at Therfield, and most men are listed.  Occupations are recorded, and occasionally numbers of children are noted.  More information can be found at the Herts FHS site, where the CD can be ordered (in Sterling) for UK delivery only.  It can also be ordered from anywhere by credit card at for 15 GBP, plus p&p.

Royston and District Family History Society
A small local society, which is now, sadly, defunct.  It published two booklets of interest, which were St Mary's Church burials 1800-1852, and Monumental Inscriptions for St. Mary's Church and Therfield Chapel.  I have a copies of both booklets, and will be happy to do look ups on request. 

Royston and District Local History Society
Another small local group, with a small list of local history publications, including 'Fragments of Two Centuries' by Arthur Kingston, which includes several references to Therfield.  This 1990 reprint of the original 1893 publication is available (Sterling cheques only) for 5 GBP plus p&p, details at

North Hertfordshire Villages Research Group
A loose-knit local group researching the history of Kelshall, Rushden, Sandon, Therfield and Wallington, which has published several booklets.  The following include items about Therfield -

Village Chronicles Part One - Mostly about People (1986).
Village Chronicles Part Two - Mostly about Places (1986).
Village Chronicles Part Three - Mostly about Events (1987).
Then There Were Two: the story of eleven schools in the five villages, by Daphne Wright (1988).
Above the Vale of Ringtale: Perches, Pightles and the Price of Corn.  Articles by several authors (1992).
A North Hertfordshire Miscellany: Collected Essays and Recent Research by Members (1995).
Elusive Thomas Sell, by Daphne Wright (2012)

Some are probably out of print, although the Village Chronicles were reprinted in 2004.  This series consists of newspaper cuttings relating to the five villages, extracted from The Royston Crow, 1855-1920.  As the largest of the five villages, Therfield is well represented.  Part One, justifiably the most popular, is almost certainly in print, and well worth 3 GBP plus p&p (in 2004).

For further information, write to the NHVRG Secretary, John Wallace, Broomhall Farm, Watton-at-Stone, Hertford, SG14 2RN.

Please remember that the people involved in producing and selling these publications are unpaid volunteers, who give their time freely to help us who share their interests.  They are selfless heroes, who deserve our utmost respect and gratitude.


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