Frances BYAM


1780 - 30 May 1839

Family 1 : Edward PHILLIPS
  1.  Mary PHILLIPS
  2.  Frances PHILLIPS
  3.  Edward PHILLIPS
  4.  William PHILLIPS
  5.  Sarah PHILLIPS
  6. +Susan PHILLIPS
  7.  Ann PHILLIPS


[2972] Notes: No birth or baptism has been found for Frances Byam. It is possible that she was the daughter of John Byam and Hannah Carter, who married at Stanton on 1st December 1779, and are known to have had the following children :-

Martha, baptised 30 Jul 1780, Stanton, Suffolk
Anne, baptised 25 Mar 1783, Stanton, Suffolk
Elizabeth, baptised 12 Feb 1786, Bardwell, Suffolk
Sarah, baptised 19 Apr 1789, Bardwell, Suffolk
John, baptised 2 Feb 1791, Bardwell, Suffolk
Hannah, baptised 27 Sep 1794, Bardwell, Suffolk
Mary, baptised 10 Jan 1798, Bardwell, Suffolk

One possibility is that Frances was the same person as John and Hannah's eldest daughter, Martha? Another is that Frances was born before her parent's marriage? Maybe she was not baptised at all? We will probably never know.

[2969] Source: Approximate year of birth only, calculated from age at death (59 in 1839)

[2970] Source: Copy of GRO death certificate

[2971] Source: Burial register, "aged 59". Information supplied by Sandra Stevens

[10960] Source: Marriage register. Information supplied by Sandra Stevens


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