The Church of St Mary the Virgin

Finished in 1878, the church replaced an old one (probably 13th century) which was in danger of collapse due to subsidence.  Many items from the old church were incorporated into the present one, including windows, bells, pulpit, font, etc.  See Links page for floor plan of the current church.


Spring 1993

Copyright 1993 Raymond Wells

Copyright 1993 Martin Hagger


Summer 2002

Copyright 2002 Peter Hagger

  1. View through the trees from Church Lane (from the south-east)
  2. The tower (added in 1911) at the western end
  3. View from the north-east
  4. Yellow conifer, with tower behind
  5. View of the eastern end (the chancel)
  6. The porch (added in 1906), on the south side
  7. The tower viewed from the south
  8. View from the south-west
  9. View from the south
  10. View from the north-east
  11. The tower viewed from slightly west of south
  12. South side, and entrance porch (viewed from the south-west)
* Information about the old and new churches has been cribbed from a short guide to the church, written by Ann J King, in the booklet, "Therfield Church and The Turner Memorials", by Vera A Fayat, published 1982 - ISBN 0 9507905 0 8


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