Transcripts of Census Returns

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Anderson B
William & Sarah (Bullard) Anderson, and family

 1871, The Village, Kelshall, Hertfordshire  RG10 1360 f47 p1
 Sarah Anderson  Head  Marr 43     Herts Kelshall
 Clara Anderson  Dau   19     Herts Kelshall
 John Anderson  Son   17   Agricultural Laborer  Herts Kelshall
 Edward Anderson  Son   12   Agricultural Laborer  Herts Kelshall
 Joseph William Anderson  Son    Scholar  Herts Kelshall
 Eliza Anderson  Gdau      Herts Kelshall
 George Bullard Boarder  Unm 29   Agricultural Laborer  Herts Kelshall


 1881, North End, Kelshall, Hertfordshire  RG11 1411 f132 p9
 William Anderson  Head  Marr 58   Ag Lab  Kelshall, Hertfordshire
 Sarah Anderson  Wife  Marr 53   Ag Lab's Wife  Kelshall, Hertfordshire
 William Anderson  Son  Unm 19   Ag Lab  Kelshall, Hertfordshire
 Eliza Anderson  Gdau  Unm 12   (Dau Of A Shepherd)  Kelshall, Hertfordshire
 Eliza Ballard  Niece  Unm 45   Domestic Servant  Kelshall, Hertfordshire


 1891, Gatley Way Farm, Kelshall, Hertfordshire  RG12 1102 f7 p7
 Joseph William Anderson  Head  Marr 29   Horse Keeper (Groom)  Kelshall, Herts
 Annie Elizabeth Anderson  Wife  Marr 34     Kelshall, Herts
 Gertrude Alice Anderson  Dau      Kelshall, Herts
 Mary Elizabeth Anderson  Dau      Kelshall, Herts
 Emily Anderson  Dau   11m     Kelshall, Herts


 1861, Hare Street, Great Hormead, Hertfordshire  RG9 811 f78 p27
 Thomas Brett  Head  Marr 33   Ag Lab  Herts Great Hormead
 Sarah Brett  Wife  Marr 28     Herts Great Hormead
 James Brett  Son    Scholar  Herts Great Hormead
 Thomas Brett  Son    Scholar  Herts Great Hormead
 Anne E Brett  Dau    Scholar  Herts Great Hormead
 Rebecca B Brett  Dau    Scholar  Herts Great Hormead
 Mary Brett  Dau      Herts Great Hormead
 Jane Brett  Dau   2m     Herts Great Hormead
 Elizabeth Boswell  MinL  Wid 74     Denbighshire N Wales


 1881, Hare Street Village, Layston, Hertfordshire  RG11 1410 f26 p45
 Thomas Brett  Head  Marr 53   Labourer (General)  Gt Hormead, Hertfordshire
 Sarah Brett  Wife  Marr 48     Gt Hormead, Hertfordshire
 James Brett  Son  Unm 26   Ag Labourer  Gt Hormead, Hertfordshire
 Thomas Brett  Son  Unm 25   Ag Labourer  Gt Hormead, Hertfordshire
 Charles Brett  Son  Unm 17   Groom (Dom)  Gt Hormead, Hertfordshire
 Lizzie Brett  Dau  Unm 14     Hare Street, Hertfordshire
 Edward G Brett  Son    Scholar  Hare Street, Hertfordshire
 Edith G Brett  Dau    Scholar  Hare Street, Hertfordshire

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