Transcripts of Census Returns

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Thomas & Mary (Pavett) Collins, and Edward & Sophia (Collins) Morley, and families

 1841, North Street, Prittlewell, Essex  HO107 337/14 f65 p8
 Thomas Collins     35   Ag Lab  Y
 Mary Collins     38     Y
 Mary Ann Collins     11     Y
 Thomas Collins        Y
 Charles Collins        Y
 Samuel Collins        Y


 1851, West Street, Prittlewell, Essex  HO107 1777 f307 p36
 Thomas Collins Head Mar 45   Ag Lab  Prittlewell
 Mary Wife Mar 51     West Thurrock
 Charles Collins Son U 15   Ag Lab  Prittlewell
 Samuel Collins Son U 13   Errand boy  Prittlewell


 1851, Leigh Road, Prittlewell, Essex  HO107 1777 f273 p5
 Thomas Fulford Head  Mar 22   Ag Lab  Prittlewell
 Mary Ann Fulford Wife  Mar 21     Prittlewell
 William Fulford Son   3m     Prittlewell
 Eliza Barber Niece U 15     Prittlewell


 1861, East Street, Prittlewell, Essex  RG9 1084 f80 p21/22
 Thomas Fulford Head Mar 34   Dairy Man  Prittlewell Essex
 Mary Ann Fulford Wife Mar 31     Prittlewell Essex
 William Fulford Son   10   Scholar  Prittlewell Essex
 Elizabeth Fulford Dau    Scholar  Prittlewell Essex
 Thomas Collins Lodger Widr 58   Ag Lab  Prittlewell Essex
 Sam Collins Lodger Un 23   Brick Layer  Prittlewell Essex


 1871, East Street, Prittlewell, Essex  RG10 1668 f103 p35
 Henry Clark Head Marr 33   Lab  Herts Hoddesdon
 Sarah Clark Wife Marr 34     Suffolk Ipswich
 Alice Anderson Daur   11   Scholar  Essex Prittlewell
 James Anderson Son    Scholar  Essex Prittlewell
 Henry Hancock Lodger U M 23   Bricklayer  Middlesex Ealing
 Thomas Collins Lodger Widr 67   Ag Lab  Essex Prittlewell
 Anthony ?_ouston Lodger U M 37   Ordnance Survey  Scotland


 1881, The Workhouse, West Street, Rochford, Essex  RG11 1771 f31 p39
 Thomas Collins  Inmate  Wid 78   Jobbing Gardener (Pauper)  Prittlewell Essex


 1851, North Street, Prittlewell, Essex  HO107 1777 f294 p11
 Samuel Hocket  Head  Marr 46   Ag Lab  Prittlewell
 Jemima Hocket  Wife  Marr 46   Char Woman  Debenham Essex
 Martha Hocket  Dau  Unm 10     Prittlewell
 Mary Ann Hocket  Dau  Unm    Prittlewell
 Eleanor Hocket  Dau  Unm    Prittlewell
 Thomas Collins Lodger  Unm 18   Groom  Prittlewell
 Martha Bedwell  Niece  Unm 13   Servant  Prittlewell


 1861, West End Court, Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire  RG9 855 f29 p9+10
 A. Darby Esqr Head M 57   Proptr. of Land Coal and  Shropshire Colebrook Dale
 Mtda. Francis Darby Wife M 57   Iron Mines    Shropshire Colebrook Dale
 Lucy Darby Mother Widow 80     Tedbury Worcester
 Catherine Dakeyne? Compn Un 30     Surrey Clapham
 Wm. Wigley   Un 39   House Servant  Snelstone Derbyshire
 Benjn. Moore   Un 29   Groom of Chambers  Boxgreen Ludlow Salop
 Joseph Beasley   Un 23   Footman  Pickstock Shropshire
 Fredk. Simmons   Un 27   Under Butler  _______? Surrey
 Eliza Swift   Un 32   House Keeper  Wellington Shropshire
 Ann Mayrack?   Un 38   Ladys Maid  Much Wenlock Shropshire
 Elizth. Selley   Un 32   Attendant  London
 Eliza Bloomfield   Un 29   House Maid  Fording Bridge Hampshire
 Mary Gwyn?   Un 22   Under House Maid  Castlecarinon Welshpool
 Emma Reese   Un 21   Under House Maid  High Ercul Shropshire
 Ann Duckett   Un 22   Kitchen Maid  Much Wenlock Shropshire
 Mary Alcock   Un 23   ____? Maid  Dawley Shropshire
 Rebecca Picken   Un 23   ____? Maid  Little Wenlock Shropshire
 George Loam?   M 35   Wire Fence Maker  Edingburgh
 Thos. Collins   Un 28   Coachman  Prittlewell Essex


 1871, Village Green, Stanwell, Middlesex  RG10 1306 f82 p6
 Thomas Collins Head Widr 38   Coachman  Essex Prittlewell
 Thomas Collins Son    Scholar  Surrey Egham
 Alice Richardson Late wife's sister Unm 41   House Keeper  Rutland Ketton


 1861, Broom Hills Cottage, Great Stambridge, Essex  RG9 1085 f76 p13
 Charles William Collins Head Mar 25   Groom  Prittlewell Essex
 Harriet Ann Collins Wife Mar 24     Prittlewell Essex
 Sarah Ann Collins Daur      Prittlewell Essex
 Thomas Henry Collins Son      Prittlewell Essex


 1871, East Street, Prittlewell, Essex  RG10 1668 f100 p29
 Charles W Collins Head Mar 35   Groom  Essex Prittlewell
 Harriett Collins Wife Mar 34   Laundress  Essex Prittlewell
 Sarah A Collins Daur   13     Essex Prittlewell
 Harriett A Collins Daur    Scholar  Essex Prittlewell
 Herbert W Collins Son    Scholar  Essex Prittlewell
 Charles W Collins Son    Scholar  Essex Prittlewell
 Gertrude L Collins Daur      Essex Prittlewell


 1881, East Street, Prittlewell, Essex  RG11 1770 f33 p19
 Charles W Collins Head Mar 44   Carman  Essex Prittlewell
 Ellen Collins Wife Mar 37     Essex Darcy
 Herbert W Collins Son Unm 17   Bricklayers Lab.  Essex Prittlewell
 Charles W Collins Son   14   Errand Boy  Essex Prittlewell
 Gertrude L Collins Daur   12   Scholar  Essex Prittlewell
 Harry L Collins Son   10   Scholar  Essex Prittlewell
 Edith M Collins Daur    Scholar  Essex Prittlewell
 Edward P Collins Son    Scholar  Essex Prittlewell


 1891, 10 Laslett's Cottages, Prittlewell, Essex  RG12 1392 f92 p22
 Charles W Collins Head M 52   Brewers Drayman  Prittlewell Essex
 Ellen Collins Wife M 46     Darcy Essex
 Charles W Collins Son S 23   Plumber  Prittlewell Essex
 Harry L Collins Son S 20   Engine Cleaner Railway  Prittlewell Essex
 Edith M Collins Daur S 17   Dressmakers Apprentice  Prittlewell Essex
 Edward P Collins Son   14   Bricklayers Laborer  Prittlewell Essex
 Frances E Collins Daur    Scholar  Prittlewell Essex


 1901, 10 Laslett's Cottages, Prittlewell, Essex  RG13 1680 f150 p12
 Ellen Collins Head Wid 57   Monthly Nurse  Darcy Essex
 Frances Collins Daur S 19     Prittlewell Essex
 Abraham Bemsworth? Boarder S 73   Wheelwright  Gt Wakering Essex
 Arthur Cole Boarder S 29   Brick Carter  Steeple Essex


 1871, East Street, Prittlewell, Essex  RG10 1668 f98 p25
 Samuel Collins Head Mar 31   Bricklayer  Essex Prittlewell
 Eliza Collins Wife Mar 26     Essex Leigh
 Mary Collins Daur    Scholar  Essex Prittlewell
 Allice Collins Daur      Essex Prittlewell
 James Flaring? Lodger U M 32   Grainer?  Hants Lymington


 1881, 9 Vicarage Terrace, Prittlewell, Essex  RG11 1770 f31 p15
 Samuel Collins Head Widr 42   Bricklayer  Essex Rochford
 Mary E Collins Daur   12   Scholar  Essex Prittlewell
 Frank Collins Son    Scholar  Essex Prittlewell
 Harriet C Collins Daur    Scholar  Essex Prittlewell
 Alfred J Collins Son    Scholar  Essex Prittlewell
 Thomas W Collins Son      Essex Prittlewell


 1891, 4 Louisa Cottages, Prittlewell, Essex  RG12 1392 f95 p28
 Ellen Speller Head Wid 61     Southchurch Essex
 Samuel Collins Boarder Widr 52   Bricklayer  Rochford Essex
 Frank Collins Boarder S 19   Bricklayer's Laborer  Prittlewell Essex
 Thomas Collins Boarder   13   Bricklayer's Laborer  Prittlewell Essex


 1841, Rack Hall Farm, Southchurch [Canvey Island], Essex  HO107 337/21 f2 p28
 Edward Morley     45   Ag Lab  Y
 Sophia Morley     35     Y
 Henry Morley     13     Y
 Sophia Morley        Y
 William Morley        Y
 David Morley        Y
 John Morley     40   Ag Lab  Y
 Joseph Cartier     40   Ag Lab  Y
 James Smith     30   Ag Lab  Y


 1851, Rack Hall Farm, Southchurch in the Island of Canvey, Essex  HO107 1777 f325 p26
 Edward Morley Head Mar 55   Farm Bailiff  Essex Foulness
 Sophia Morley Wife Mar 48     Essex Prittlewell
 William Morley Son Un 16   Ag Lab  Essex Southchurch
 David Morley Son   12   Ag Lab  Essex Southchurch
 Stephen Morley Son    Scholar  Essex Southchurch
 Frederick Morley Son      Essex Southchurch
 James Eley Lodger Widr 48   Ag Lab  Essex Grays
 James Harvey Lodger Un 22   Ag Lab  Essex South Benfleet
 William Smith Lodger Un 19   Ag Lab  Essex South Benfleet


 1861, Southchurch, Canvey Island, Essex  RG9 1084 f104B p9
 Edward Morley Head Widr 64   Ag Lab  Foulness Island Essex
 Frederic Morley Son   12     Southchurch Essex

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