Transcripts of Census Returns

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Hagger T
Thomas & Mary (Draper) Hagger, and family

 1841, Hay Green, Therfield, Hertfordshire  HO107 446/14 f22 p9
 Thomas Hagger     52   Ag Lab  Yes
 Mary Hagger     46     Yes
 Lucy Hagger     21     Yes
 William Hagger     15     Yes
 John Hagger     14     Yes
 Ann Hagger     10     Yes
 Jane Hagger        Yes


 1851, Therfield, Hertfordshire  HO107 1707 f278 p12
 Thomas Hagger  Head  Wid 62   Farm Labourer  Therfield, Hertfordshire
 John Hagger  Son  Unm 22   Farm Labourer  Therfield, Hertfordshire
 Ann Hagger  Dau  Unm 18   House Keeper  Therfield, Hertfordshire
 Jane Hagger  Dau   14   At Home  Therfield, Hertfordshire


 1851, Therfield, Hertfordshire  HO107 1707 f278 p12+13
 Edward Preston  Head  Marr 27   Farm Labourer  Therfield, Hertfordshire
 Lucy Preston  Wife  Marr 32     Therfield, Hertfordshire
 Sarah A Hagger  Dau    At Home  Therfield, Hertfordshire
 Penelope Hagger  Dau   6m   At Home  Therfield, Hertfordshire


 1851, Kneesworth, Royston, Hertfordshire  HO107 1707 f467 p2
 John Edwards  Head  Marr 31   Brewers Drayman  Herts Therfield
 Isabella Edwards  Wife  Marr 33     Herts Therfield
 William Edwards  Son      Herts Therfield
 Alfred Edwards  Son      Herts Royston


 1871, 3 Provident Cottages, Therfield, Hertfordshire  RG10 1360 f136 p23
 John Hagger  Head  Marr 43   Ag Lab  Therfield, Hertfordshire
 Elizabeth Hagger  Wife  Marr 28   Ag Lab's Wife  Therfield, Hertfordshire
 Gentillia Hagger  Dau      Therfield, Hertfordshire
 Lucy Hagger  Dau      Therfield, Hertfordshire
 Lizzy Hagger  Dau      Therfield, Hertfordshire
 Samuel Hopkins  Lodger  Unm 16   Agricultural Lab  Ashwell, Hertfordshire


 1881, Provident Buildings No.3, Therfield, Hertfordshire  RG11 1412 f136 p25
 John Hagger  Head  Marr 48   Ag Lab  Therfield, Hertfordshire
 Elizabeth Hagger  Wife  Marr 34     Royston, Hertfordshire
 Lucy Hagger  Dau   13   General Servant  Therfield, Hertfordshire
 Winifred Hagger  Dau   10   Scholar  Therfield, Hertfordshire
 Henry Hagger  Son    Scholar  Therfield, Hertfordshire
 George Hagger  Son    Scholar  Therfield, Hertfordshire
 Mary Hagger  Dau      Therfield, Hertfordshire
 Willie Hagger  Son   3m     Therfield, Hertfordshire


 1881, The Limes, Therfield, Hertfordshire  RG11 1412 f109 p2
 Thomas Howe  Head  Marr 51   Commission Agent  Martock, Somerset
 Cordelia Howe  Wife  Marr 50     Bower Hinton, Somerset
 Catherine Howe  Dau  Unm 26     Lytchett, Dorset
 Alice Howe  Dau  Unm 24     London, Middlesex
 Charles Howe  Son  Unm 22   Grocer (out of employ)  London, Middlesex
 Miriam Howe  Dau  Unm 19     London, Middlesex
 Mary C Howe  Dau  Unm 16     Barnet, Herts
 Arthur Howe  Son  Unm 15   Scholar  Barnet, Herts
 Henry V Howe  Son  Unm 10   Scholar  Potters Bar, Middlesex
 Horace F S Howe  Son  Unm  Scholar  Odsey, Cambs
 Mary Andrews Visitor  Wid 41     Bower Hinton, Somerset
 Isabel Riddick Boarder  Unm 11   Scholar  London, Middlesex
 Hepzibah Jones  Serv  Unm 23   Cook  Kelshall, Herts
 Gentilla Hagger  Serv  Unm 15   Housemaid  Royston, Herts


 1881, 2 Baldock St, Royston, Cambridgeshire  RG11 1412 f98 p6
 George Sandys  Head  Marr 41   Commercial Clerk  Southwark, London
 Mary Sandys  Wife  Marr 37     Woodford, Essex
 Tom Sandys  Son   14   Engineer Apprentice  Royston, Cambs
 Nora Sandys  Dau    Scholar  Royston, Cambs
 Maud Sandys  Dau      Royston, Cambs
 Sidney Sandys  Son      Royston, Cambs
 Isabella Starr  Serv  Unm 17   General Servant  Bassingbourn, Cambs
 Lizzie Hagger  Serv   10   Nurse domestic  Royston, Herts


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