Parochial Pedigrees compiled by Reverend John G Hale
Pages 230-239

Transcribed and contributed by John Hicks, Oct 2006
For further details see Notes
Copied with permission from Herts Archives and Local Studies (HALS), custodian of the original volumes on behalf of the Diocese of St Albans (doc ref: DP/107/29/10-12, microfilms 466 & 467)

230 Thomas HAGGER, son of Lavender HAGGER
born at Kelshall
Mary SANDERS, at the Hoops 1876
born Stotfold, bur.26 Jul 1880

Lavender, bapt.24 Jul 1825

Thomas, bapt.9 Dec 1827

Elizabeth Esther, bapt.2 Dec 1832, marr.25 Dec 1850 William HAGGER [231]

William Sanders, bapt.19 May 1835

231 William Draper HAGGER, son of Thomas & Mary HAGGER
bapt.17 Jul 1825, died 20 Jul 1896
marr.25 Dec 1850
Eliz. Esther HAGGER, dau of Thomas & Mary HAGGER [230]
bapt.2 Dec 1832, bur.22 Feb 1865

Lavender, born 10 Jun 1851, bapt.11 Oct 1851, Soldier, came home 1880, marr.12 Oct 1880 Sylvia FERGUSON [267]

Agnes Naomi, bapt.25 Dec 1853, bur.18 Oct 1854

Naomi, bapt.2 Feb 1856

Mary Esther, born 21 Dec 1857, bapt.6 Jun 1858, marr.1880 Henry George RAINER [269]

Winifred Rebecca, born 19 Sep 1860, bapt.28 Feb 1861, confirmed 18 Mar 1876, marr.[1883] at Kelshall John SEABROOK, born 16 Apr 1854, died 21 May 1895

Thomas William, born 7 Mar 1863, bapt.18 Jul 1863, Royal Fusiliers 1727 [sic], at _oona 

232 John WOODS, son of John & Judith WOODS
bapt.2 Jun 1805, bur.2 Apr 1867 aged 63
marr.25 Dec 1854
Rachel HAGGER, dau of John & Mary HAGGER
bapt.25 Jul 1819, bur.5 Mar 1878

Lucy, bapt.26 Apr 1840, marr. James TUCKER [233]

George, bapt.19 Apr 1846, bur.27 Jul 1851

233 James TUCKER, son of John & Mary TUCKER, Baker, his sister Eliz. Jane TUCKER, born Dec 1868, lives with them 1878
marr.10 Jun 1868
Lucy HAGGER, dau of Rachel HAGGER - afterwards marr. to John WOODS [232]
born 25 Mar 1840, bapt.26 Apr 1840

William John, born 5 Jun 1869, bapt.25 Jul 1869

Annie Mary, born 22 Sep 1871, bapt.16 Jan 1872

Harriet, born 30 Nov 1873, bapt.19 Feb 1874

Charles Edward, born 8 Nov 1875, bapt.23 Jul 1876

John George, born 20 Dec 1877, bapt.4 Aug 1878

James Henry, born 26 Mar 1880

Gertrude Mary, born 6 Jul 1882

234 James WARREN, son of John & Amy WARREN
born 23 Feb 1822, bapt.21 Apr 1822
marr.29 Nov 1842
Martha PORTER, dau of Job & Ann PORTER
born 5 Apr 1812, bapt. at Wendon, died 21 Jan 1889

Ann, born 23 Feb 1850, bapt.2 Jun 1850, marr. Arthur HAGGER [81]

Eliza, born 2 Sep 1852, bapt. at Chapel, marr.19 Jan 1886 Edward GREEN, Watton Lodge

Rebecca, born 6 Jul 1858, bapt. at Chapel, marr.15 Jan 1881 Thomas PRESTON [115]

235 John HALE, son of William & Elizabeth HALE
born 29 Sep 1832, bapt. at Reed, died Oct 1906, bur.9 Oct 1906
marr.21 Jan 1865
Ann BURGESS, dau of Joseph & Winifred BURGESS
born 29 May 1842, bapt. at Swaffam

Annie Jane, born 13 Jan 1866, bapt. at Reed, marr.24 Dec 1887 William HAGGER [318]

Joseph William, born 2 Oct 1867, bapt. at Reed, confirmed 4 Mar 1885

Frederick John, born 19 Jan 1870, bapt. at Reed, confirmed 1 Mar 1888, marr.13 Sep 1896 Florence Ellen HAGGER [420]

Winifred Elizabeth, born 8 Apr 1872, bapt. at Reed, confirmed 1 Mar 1888, marr.1 Mar 1896 in London Thomas BYSOUTH, Butcher, 141 St Anns Rd. South Tottenham

John George, born 9 Sep 1874, bapt. at Chapel, confirmed 5 Jun 1891 at Buckland - his confirmation being delayed in consequence of the accident, and acct. of which is given below

Clara, born 1 Jan 1877, bapt.1 Apr 1877, confirmed 21 Mar 1891, marr.9 Sep 1901 William BULLARD, mother of illeg dau Matilda May, born 11 Sep 1896, bapt.30 Jan 1897, died 12 Aug 1902 [438]

Matilda, born 23 May 1879, bapt.22 Jul 1879

Thomas William, born 9 Sep 1882, bapt.15 Feb 1883, confirmed 29 Mar 1897

[A newspaper cutting is attached here, copied as follows]

Wednesday 19 Mar 1891

      SERIOUS ACCIDENT. - On Wednesday afternoon an accident of a very serious character happened in the yard at the Railway Station to a lad named John Hale, 16 years of age.  He had been to the station with a cart from Mr. R. Turney's of Mardeley Bury, Therfield, for a load of coals.  In placing the horse and cart on the weigh bridge near Messrs. Fordham, Grundy, and Co.'s coal office (town side) a piece of the coals fell from the cart near the horse's legs.  The lad stooped down to pick up the coal when the horse started, knocked him down, and the wheel either passed over or severely grazed and cut the right side of the head, the lateral movement of the weigh-bridge appearing to just save the wheel from passing directly over his head.  The lad was picked up and put into a fly (Mr. Stamford's) which was standing at the station, and with Mr. Walkden and Mr. Blaxill (the man in charge at the coal office), he was taken to the Hospital, having been first seen by Dr. Archer.  At the Hospital it was found that his injuries were very serious.  On the right side of the head an extensive laceration had laid bare the scalp, and on the left side of the head and eye was a serious bruise besides injuries to the shoulder.  The injury to the scalp was carefully attended to by the surgeons, the displaced part being replaced and sewn up, an operation which the lad bore bravely.  At the time of writing he is naturally suffering very much from his injuries, and it is hardly necessary to say is receiving every care and attention.  

236 David WARREN, son of George & Esther WARREN
born 1840
marr.22 Sep 1870
Annie SPRUCE, dau of George & Lydia SPRUCE
born 4 Jun 1842

George Spruce, born 4 Aug 1871, bapt.23 Nov 1871, confirmed 1 Mar 1888

Ernest Albert, born 24 Aug 1873, bapt.25 Sep 1873, confirmed 1 Mar 1888

[A newspaper cutting is attached here, copied as follows]

Monday 12 Aug 1895

      On Monday between 12 and 1 o'clock, while a storm was going on, Mr. David Warren of the Red Lion, Reed Hill, Therfield, went into the garden with a fork for the purpose of getting up some potatoes required for dinner.  He got some up and was it seems struck by the lightning.  He brought the potatoes in, but staggered as he did so, and eventually fell on the staircase.  Mr. Warren appeared dazed and soon became unconscious.  On Tuesday he was rather better, and recovered consciousness.  

237 John Godwin HALE, son of *William HALE & Ann Caroline HALE
     (*Archdeacon of London & Master of the Charterhouse)
born 15 Jan 1830, bapt.1 Apr 1830 in Charterhouse Chapel
marr.11 Apr 1860
Ellen Julia FOSTER, dau of *Kingsman & Mary FOSTER
     (*Rector of Dowsby, Lincolnshire)
born 28 Feb 1830, bapt. at Dowsby

Ellen Gertrude Bessie, born 27 May 1861, bapt.9 Jul 1861 in Charterhouse Chapel, confirmed 18 Mar 1876, marr.19 Feb 1901 John Boulger LLOYD-JONES

William Sutton St Barbe, born 27 Jul 1862, bapt. at Tottenham, died 6 Feb 1863, bur. in Tottenham Cemetery

238 Arthur HALE, son of John & Jane HALE
born 16 Nov 1846, bapt.16 Feb 1847
marr.28 Jun 1873
Emma ROGERS, dau of Joseph & Sarah ROGERS
born 1 May 1851, bapt. Chishall, confirmed 18 Mar 1873

John, born 28 Nov 1873, bapt.14 Feb 1874, marr.12 Nov 1898 Eliza KNIGHTS [430]

Ellen Jane, born 22 Sep 1875, bapt. at Kelshall, died 7 Feb 1876, bur. in Chapel Ground

William, born 22 Dec 1876, bapt.22 Sep 1878, marr.3 Aug 1903 Elizabeth KNIGHTS at St Saviour Hornsey [443]

Annie, born 1 Dec 1877, bapt.22 Sep 1878, marr.2 Feb 1901 William RAYNER [436]

Frederick, born 19 Feb 1880, bapt.3 Oct 1880, in London

Clara Ellen, born 18 Nov 1883, bapt.1 Jun 1884

Emily, born 28 Apr 1887, bapt.31 Jul 1887

James, born 9 Mar 1889, bapt.28 Mar 1889

Herbert George, born 30 Dec 1892, bapt.28 May 1893

239 Samuel BULLARD, son of Samuel & Lucy BULLARD, (brother of Wm BULLARD [49]), a Samuel BULLARD marr.1 Jul 1809 to Lucy PRESTON
bapt.12 May 1822, died 8 Feb 1893
Lucy CHAPPLE of Royston, who died

Jabez, died in infancy

Lydia Jane, died in infancy

2nd marr.16 Jun 1871
Matilda WILMOT, dau of Bernard & Mary WILMOT
born Aug 1847 at Lidlington

Bernard, born 6 Apr 1872

Jessie Maud, born 24 Jan 1876

Dessie Maud, born 24 Jan 1876



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