Transcripts of Census Returns

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Pracy E
  Families of Thomas (1810-1840) and Richard (1817-1852)

 1841, 2 Church Place, St James Garlickhythe, London, Middlesex  HO107 721/6 f12 p19
 Elizabeth Pracy     30   Chairwoman  Yes
 Thomas Pracy        Yes
 Isabella Phillips     24   Servant  Yes
 Ann Gritten     44   Chairwoman  Yes
 Henry Pracy     2w     Yes


 1861, 3 Fleet Lane, Farringdon, London, Middlesex  RG9 216 f130 p2
 Robert George Goulder Head
Mar  37   Trussmaker  Middlesex London
 Hannah Goulder Wife
34   Trussmaker  Middlesex London
 Mary Ann Kightly
 Scholar  Middlesex London
 Elizabeth H Pracey Lodger
52   Washerwoman  Middlesex Commercial Rd.


 1871, City of London Union Workhouse, Islington, Middlesex  RG10 308 f88 p13
 Pracey Elizth. Pauper  Unm 63   Servant  City of London
 plus 450+ other paupers          


 1861, 19 Goswell Street, Finsbury, Middlesex  RG9 207 f48 p22
 Henry Batten  Head  Wid 44   Boot Maker  Hants Southampton
 Thomas Pracy  SinL  Marr 24   Book Binder  Middlesex Shoreditch
 Emma H Pracy  Dau  Marr 22     Middlesex Clerkenwell


 1871, 32 Union Square, Islington, Middlesex  RG10 290 f22 p37
 Thomas Pracy  Head  Marr 34   Bookbinder  Middlesex London
 Emma Pracy  Wife  Marr 32     Middlesex London


 1881, 18 Coleman Street, Islington, Middlesex  RG11 265 f99 p62
 Thomas Pracy  Head  Marr 42   Book Binder  Shoreditch
 Emma Pracy  Wife  Marr 40     Clerkenwell
 William Malcolm Boarder  Unm 30   Commercial Traveller  Scotland


 1891, 44 Oxford Road, Islington, Middlesex  RG12 165 f76 p46
 Thomas Pracy  Head M 52   Bookbinder  London Shoreditch
 Emma Pracy  Wife M 49     London Clerkenwell
 Alfred Martindale Lodger M 60   Compositor  London Islington


 1901, 174 Downham Road, Islington, Middlesex  RG13 191 f131 p4
 Thomas Pracy  Head M 62   Gold Blocker Binder  London
 Emma Pracy  Wife M 58     London


 1841, Providence Place, Shoreditch, Middlesex  HO107 706/9 f12 p19
 Richard Pracey     20   Carman  Y
 Emma Pracey     20     Y
 Eliza Pracey     3m     Y


 1851, 2 Goulds Yard, Worship Street, Shoreditch, Middlesex  HO107 1533 f351 p28
 Richard Pracy  Head Mar 33   Ostler  Shoreditch
 Emma Pracy  Wife Mar 31     Shoreditch
 Eliza Pracy  Dau   10   Scholar  Shoreditch
 Richard Pracy  Son    Scholar  Shoreditch
 John Pracy  Son    Scholar  Shoreditch
 Emily Pracy  Dau      Shoreditch


 1871, 7 Black Lion Yard, Whitechapel, Middlesex  RG10 517 f14 p3
 Emma Pracy  Head W 53     Middlesex Shoreditch
 Richard Pracy  Son Unm 25   Carman  Middlesex Shoreditch
 Emily Pracy  Dau Unm 21   Dress Maker  Middlesex Shoreditch
 Maria Pracy  Dau Unm 15   Dress Maker  Middlesex Shoreditch
 Rebecca Fox  Gdau    Scholar  Middlesex Bethnal Green


 1871, 3 Black Lion Yard, Whitechapel, Middlesex  RG10 517 f16 p8
 George Horton  Head Mar 65   Currier  Sussex
 Priscilla Horton  Wife Mar 54     Kent Farnborough
 Sarah Horton  Dau Unm 20   General Servant  Middlesex Poplar
 George Horton  Son Unm 19   Labourer  Surrey Godstone
 William Horton  Son Unm 15   Porter  Surrey Godstone
 Ann Horton  Dau Unm 13   General Servant  Middlesex Poplar


 1871, 56 James Street, Bethnal Green, Middlesex  RG10 488 f53 p20
 Richard Fox  Head Mar 30   Cabinet Maker  Staffordshire
 Eliza Fox  Wife Mar 32     London
 Charles Fox  Son      London
 Eliza Fox  Dau      London
 Richard Fox  Son      London
 Rebecca Fox  Dau   9m     London


 1881, 17 Moira Place, Shoreditch, Middlesex  RG11 391 f101 p22
 Richard Fox  Head Mar 42   Cabinet Maker  Haggerston
 Eliza Fox  Wife Mar 40     Shoreditch
 Eliza Fox  Dau   14   Fancy Box Maker  Bethnal Green
 Charlott Fox  Dau    Scholar  Bethnal Green
 Sophia Fox  Dau    Scholar  St Lukes
 John Fox  Son    Scholar  St Lukes
 Annie[?] Fox  Dau   18m     St Lukes


 1891, 37 Mansfield Street, Shoreditch, Middlesex  RG12 253 f38 p16
 Richard Fox  Head M 53   Cabinet Maker  Staffordshire Lanes End
 Eliza Fox  Wife M 52     London Shoreditch
 Charlotte Fox  Dau S 20   Up Button Maker  London Bethnal Green
 Sophia Fox  Dau S 18   Up Button Maker  London St Lukes
 Amy Fox  Dau   12   Scholar  London St Lukes


 1901, 19 Redvers Street, Hoxton, Shoreditch, Middlesex  RG13 269 f88 p59
 Richard Fox  Head M 62   Cabinet Maker  Stafford Tunstall
 Eliza Fox  Wife M 61     London Shoreditch


 1911, Shoreditch Infirmary, 204 Hoxton Street, Shoreditch, London  RG14 1363 ed19 p4
 Richard Fox Patient
70  Widower
 Cabinet Maker
 Staffs. Stoke
 plus 503 other patients


 1871, 12 Union Row, Bethnal Green, Middlesex  RG10 491 f72/73 p54/55
 John Pracey  Head Marr 27   Stoker  Middlesex Shoreditch
 Emma Pracey  Wife Marr 26     Middlesex Spitalfields
 Emma Pracey  Dau      Middlesex Bethnal Green
 Lizzy Pracey  Dau      Middlesex Bethnal Green


 1881, 28 Wellesley Street, Mile End Old Town, Middlesex  RG11 477 f78 p32
 Jno. Pracy  Head M 37   Laborer  Shoreditch Middlesex
 Emma Pracy  Wife M 35     Spitalfields Middlesex
 Emma Pracy  Dau U 13   Scholar  St Geo. E. Middlesex
 Eliz. Pracy  Dau U 10   Scholar  Bethnal Green Middlesex
 Jno. Pracy  Son U  Scholar  Bethnal Green Middlesex
 Albert Pracy  Son U  Scholar  Bethnal Green Middlesex
 Arthur Pracy  Son U    Stepney Middlesex


 1891, 28 Wellesley Street, Mile End Old Town, Middlesex  RG12 304 f135 p26
 John Pracy  Head M 47   General Labourer  London Shoreditch
 Emma Pracy  Wife M 45     London Spitalfields
 Elizabeth Pracy  Dau S 20   Laundress  London Bethnal Green
 John Pracy  Son S 18   Travelling  London Bethnal Green
 Albert Pracy  Son S 16     London Bethnal Green
 Arthur Pracy  Son S 11   Scholar  London Stepney
 George Pracy  Son S  Scholar  London Stepney


 1891, 26 Wellington Street, Leeds, Yorkshire  RG12 3708 f69 p1/2
 Mary J Fenton  Head Wid 39   Temperance Hotel Keeper  Yorks Ma_sd__?
 Florence A Fenton  Dau S 18   Temperance Hotel Keeper  Lancs Oldham
 Fred Fenton  Son S 15   Scholar  Lancs Oldham
 Rose A Thorpe Servant S 15   Domestic Servant  Yorks Foxholes
 John Pracey Boarder S 18   Rent Collector  Middlesex London
 William F Vernon Boarder S 70   Retired Butcher  Middlesex London


 1901, 15 Wellesley Street, Mile End Old Town, Middlesex  RG13 328 f131 p38
 John Pracy  Head M 56   Bricklayer  Shoreditch London
 Emma Pracy  Wife M 54     Spitalfields London
 John Pracy  Son S 28   Enquiry Agent  Bethnal Green
 Arthur Pracy  Son S 21   Warehouseman  Stepney London
 George Pracy  Son S 18   Porter  Stepney London


 1911, 176 High Street, Walthamstow, Essex  RG14 9694 sch214
 John Gould Pracy Head
67  Widower
 Labourer, unemployed
 Shoreditch London
 John Pracy Son
 37  Married
 Bethnal Green London
 Gertrude Louis Pracy Wife
31  Married
under one
 Grinsted Green Essex
 Arthur William Pracy Brother
 31  Bachelor
 Fish Frier, unemployed
 Stepney London


 1891, 27 Wellesley Street, Mile End Old Town, London  RG12 304 f131 p17
 Henry Sautter Head M 27   Baker  Germany
 Emma Sautter Wife M 23     Shadwell
 Elizabeth Sautter Daur


 1901, 23 Clive Street, Mile End Old Town, London  RG13 329 f96 p27/8
 Henry Sautter Head M 37   Bread Baker  Germany British subjt.
 Emma Sophia Sautter Wife M 33     London St George E
 Elizabeth Sautter Daur S 11     London Limehouse
 Henry Sautter Son S    London Mile End
 George Sautter Son S    London Mile End
 Fredk. John Sautter Son S    London Mile End


 1911, 84 Corporation Street, West Ham, Essex  RG14 9428 sch326
 Emma Sautter Head
43  Widow
 Trousers Machinist
 London St Georges East
 Elizabeth Sautter Daur
 21  Single
 Pencil Carder
 London Bow
 George Sautter Son
 Office Boy
 London Stepney
 Fred Sautter Son
 London Stepney
 Arthur Sautter Son
 London Stepney
 Emily Pracy Neice
 Essex Walthamstow
 James Anderton
 20  Single
 Surrey Wandsworth


 1901, 13 Fair Street, Mile End Old Town, London  RG13 328 f90 p4
 Herbert Porter Head M 24   Private enquiry agent
 London Shadwell
 Elizabeth Porter Wife M 30     London Whitechapel


 1911, 26 Davis Street, Plaistow, West Ham, Essex  RG14 9442 sch333
 Herbert Porter Head
35  Married
 Tramway Conductor  London Shadwell
 Elizabeth Porter Wife
 40  Married
 London Bethnal Green
 Ada Porter Daur
   London Mile End
 Herbert Porter Son
   Essex West Ham
 Winifred Porter Daur
   Essex Plaistow


 1911, 28 Brunswick Road, Poplar, London, E  RG14 1696 sch103
 George Thomas Pracy Head
28  Married
 Tram Car Conductor  London Stepney
 Eliza Matilda Pracy Wife
 26  Married
 London Bow
 Ada Eliza Vera Pracy Daur
   London Poplar
 Mildred Emma Pracy Daur
   London Poplar


 1881, 9 Sydney Terrace, Scott Street, Canning Town, West Ham, Essex  RG11 1714 f68 p68
 Richard Pracy  Head M 36   Genl. Labourer  Middx Finsbury
 Sarah Pracy  Wife M 31     Middx Spitalfields
 William Pracy  Son    Scholar  Middx Stepney
 Richard Pracy  Son    Scholar  Middx Whitechapel
 Anne M Pracy  Dau    Scholar  Essex Stratford


 1891, 7 Scott Street, Canning Town, West Ham, Essex  RG12 1320 f53 p6
 Richard Pracy  Head M 46   Labourer Gas Works  London Shoreditch
 Sarah Pracy  Wife M 41     London Spitalfields
 William Pracy  Son S 18   Labourer Sugar Factory  London Stepney
 Richard Pracy  Son S 16     London Whitechapel
 Annie Pracy  Dau S 13   Scholar  Essex Stratford
 George Pracy  Son S  Scholar  Essex Canning Town
 James Pracy  Son S  Scholar  Essex Canning Town
 Albert Pracy  Son S    Essex Canning Town


 1901, 7 Scott Street, Canning Town, West Ham, Essex  RG13 1583 f69 p9
 Richard Pracy  Head M 55   Stationary Engine Driver  Shoreditch E. London
 Sarah Pracy  Wife M 51     Spitalfields E.C.4
 James Pracy  Son S 17   Sugar Refiner  Canning Town Essex
 Albert Pracy  Son S 12     Canning Town Essex
 Walter Pracy  Son S 10     Canning Town Essex
 Emily Pracy  Dau S    Canning Town Essex


 1901, 1 Vincent Street, Tidal Basin, West Ham, Essex  RG13 1584 f78 p39
 Richard Pracy  Head M 26   Coach Porter  London Whitechapel
 Eliza Pracy  Wife M 23     Hants Southampton
 Annie Pracy  Dau S    Essex Canning Town
 Eliza Pracy  Dau S 4m     Essex Canning Town
 Ellen Wallace Boarder S 19   Shirt Machinist  London Shoreditch


 1911, 186 Bidder Street, Canning Town, West Ham, Essex  RG14 9468 sch54
 Richard Pracy Head
36  Married
 Coal Porter Gas Works
 Whitechapel, London
 Eliza Ann Pracy Wife
 32  Married
 Southampton, Hants
 Annie Flora Pracy Daur
 School  West Ham, Essex
 Eliza Ann Pracy Daur
 School  West Ham, Essex
 Richard William Pracy Son
 School  West Ham, Essex
 Emily Sarah Pracy Daur
 School  West Ham, Essex
 Rose Gertrude Pracy Daur
   West Ham, Essex
 Violet Helen Pracy Daur
   West Ham, Essex
 Sarah Pracy Mother
63  Widow
   Whitechapel, London
 Walter Pracy Brother
19  Single
 General Labourer
 West Ham, Essex
 Emily Pracy Sister
 Match Maker, Bryant & May
 West Ham, Essex


 1911, 130 Liverpool Road, Canning Town, West Ham, Essex  RG14 9463 sch353
 William Pracy Head
38  Married
 Stationary Engine Man
 London Whitechapel
 Mary Ann Pracy Wife
 36  Married
 Bucks Castlethorpe
 Mary Phoebe Dorothy Pracy Daur
   London Canning Town
 William George Pracy Son
   London Canning Town


 1901, Cavalry Barracks, Leeds, Yorkshire  RG13 4227 f69 p10
 George Pracy Soldier S 19   Gunner Royal Field Artillery  West Ham Essex
 and about 350 others          


 1911, 29 Mill Street, Colchester, Essex  RG14 10286 sch117
 George Pracy Head
29  Married
 Gunner Royal Fd. Artillery
 Essex West Ham
 Louisa Pracy Wife
 27  Married

 Essex West Ham
 Nellie Pracy Daur

   Essex Colchester


 1911, 82 Vincent Street, Canning Town, West Ham, Essex  RG14 9503 sch91
 James Pracy Head
 General Labourer
 Essex Canning Town
 Maud Pracy Wife
 26  Married
 Essex Canning Town
 Albert Pracy Son

   Essex Canning Town


 1911, 26 Clifford Road, Canning Town, West Ham, Essex  RG14 9459 sch179
 Albert Pracy Head
22  Married

 Bag Printer, Manure Works
 Canning Town E
 Ellen Pracy Wife
 21  -
 Poplar Middlesex


 1881, 28 Scott Street, Canning Town, West Ham, Essex  RG11 1714 f59 p50
 George Horton Head M 29   Coml. Traveller  Surrey Nibbington
 Emily Horton Wife M 32     Middx Shoreditch
 George Horton Son    Scholar  Middx Bethnal Green
 Thomas H Horton Son    Scholar  Middx Mile End
 Emily P Horton Dau    Scholar  Essex Stratford
 William E Horton Son      Middx Whitechapel


 1891, 41 Russell Street, Mile End Old Town, London  RG12 300 f48 p6
 George Horton Head M 39   Boot Traveller  Surrey Newington
 Emily Horton Wife M 42     London Shoreditch
 George Horton Son S
18   Boot Maker
 London Stepney
 Henry Horton Son S
16   Boot Maker Assistant
 London Stepney
 Willm. E Horton Son S
12     London Whitechapel
 Arthur Horton Son S
   Essex Plaistow
 Horace Horton Son S
   Essex Plaistow
 Chas. Horton Son
9m     Essex Plaistow
 Emily Horton Daur
14   Boot Fitts. assist.
 Essex Stratford


 1901, 259 Oxford Street, Mile End Old Town, London  RG13 329 f74 p32
 George Horton Head M 49   Boot Maker  London Newington
 Emily Horton Wife M 51     London Shoreditch
 Henry Horton Son S
26   Leather Cutter  London Bethnal Green
 Emily Horton Daur
24   Machinist Bootm.
 London Stratford
 Arthur Horton Son S
17   General Labourer
 London Plaistow
 Horace Horton Son S
15   Errand Boy Port
 London Plaistow


 1911, 259 Oxford Street, Mile End Old Town, London  RG14 1598 sch245
 George Horton Head
60  Married
 Boot Repairer
 London Newington
 Emily Horton Wife
 61  Married
 London Shoreditch
 T Henry Horton Son
 Leather Cutter
 London Bethnal Green
 Horace Horton Son
 Oil Refiner
 Essex Plaistow

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