Transcripts of Census Returns

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Hagger WG
William & Sarah (Gatward) Hagger, and family

 1841, Village, Therfield, Hertfordshire  HO107 446/14 f22 p8
 Wm Hagger     45   Ag Lab  Yes
 Sarah Hagger     48     Yes
 James Hagger     22     Yes
 Emma Hagger     16     Yes
 Mary Hagger     13     Yes
 Edward Hagger        Yes


 1851, Padlers Lane, Therfield, Hertfordshire  HO107 1707 f266 p42
 William Hagger Head Mar 53   Ag Lab  Herts Therfield
 Sarah Hagger Wife Mar 58   Ag Lab  Herts Therfield
 Edward Hagger Son Un 19   Ag Lab  Herts Therfield
 James Jones SinL Mar 22   Ag Lab  Herts Kelshall
 Mary Jones Dau Mar 22   Ag Lab  Herts Therfield
 Eliza Jones Gdau    Ag Lab  Herts Therfield


 1861, The Green, Therfield, Hertfordshire  RG9 813 f142 p13
 William Hagger Head Mar 65   Agricultural Labourer  Herts Therfield
 Sarah Hagger Wife Mar 68     Herts Therfield
 Philip Chapman Gson   13   Scholar  Herts Kelshall


 1871, Village, Therfield, Hertfordshire  RG10 1360 f120 p22
 William Hagger Head Mar 76   Ag Lab  Herts Therfield
 Sarah Hagger Wife Mar 79     Herts Therfield


 1881, Church Lane, Therfield, Hertfordshire  RG11 1412 f127 p7
 Sarah Hagger Head Widow 88   Ag Laborer's Widow  Herts Therfield


 1841, Reed End, Therfield, Hertfordshire  HO107 446/14 f11 p16
 James Noades     30   Ag Lab  Yes
 Jane Noades     25     Yes
 Edward Noades        Yes
 Phillip Noades     1m     Yes
 Samuel Warren     65   Ag Lab  Yes


 1851, Therfield, Hertfordshire  HO107 1707 f277 p11
 James Noads Head Mar 41   Farmers Labourer  Therfield Herts
 Jane Noads Wife Mar 33     Therfield Herts
 Edward Noads Son U 11   Farmers Labourer  Therfield Herts
 Philip Noads Son U  Scholar  Therfield Herts
 Julia Noads Dau    Scholar  Therfield Herts


 1861, Hay Green, Therfield, Hertfordshire  RG9 813 f122 p4
 James Noades Head Mar 52   Beer Shop Keeper  Herts Therfield
 Jane Noades Wife Mar 43   Beer Shop Keeper  Herts Therfield
 Phillip Noades Son U 19   Beer Shop Keeper Ag Lab  Herts Therfield
 Julia Noades Dau U 17   House Serv  Herts Therfield


 1871, Hoops Lane (Public House), Therfield, Hertfordshire  RG10 1360 f119 p19
 James Nodes Head Mar 61   Publican (10 Acres Pasture)  Herts Therfield
 Jane Nodes Wife Mar 54   Publican Wife  Herts Therfield
 Eliza J Bullard Gdau    Scholar  Herts Therfield


 1881, Hay Green, Therfield, Hertfordshire  RG11 1412 f125 p4
 Jane Noades Head Widow 63   Dressmaker  Herts Therfield
 Eliza J Bullard Gdau Unm 17   Dressmakers Assistant  Herts Therfield


 1851, Therfield, Hertfordshire  HO107 1707 f273 p3
 William Edwards Head Mar 64   Ag Labourer  Therfield Herts
 Sarah Edwards Wife Mar 66     Therfield Herts
 Ann Hagger Dau Widow 29   Nurse  Therfield Herts
 Mary A Hagger Gdau    School  Therfield Herts


 1841, Dane End Water Course, Therfield, Hertfordshire  HO107 446/14 f12 p18
 Lucy Watson     20     Yes
 Ed Watson     20   Ag Lab  Yes


 1851, Therfield, Hertfordshire  HO107 1707 f284 p24
 Edward Watson Head Mar 29   Agl Labourer  Therfield Herts
 Lucy Watson Wife Mar 28     Therfield Herts
 Eliza Watson Dau      Therfield Herts
 Emma Watson Dau      Therfield Herts
 Mary A Watson Dau      Therfield Herts
 William Watson Son      Therfield Herts
 Philip Watson Son   4m     Therfield Herts


 1861, Thrift Cottage, Therfield, Hertfordshire  RG9 813 f139 p8
 Edward Watson Head Mar 39   Agricultural Labourer  Herts Therfield
 Lucy Watson Wife Mar 39     Herts Therfield
 William Watson Son   12   Agricultural Labourer  Herts Therfield
 Philip Watson Son   10   Agricultural Labourer  Herts Therfield
 James Watson Son    Scholar  Herts Therfield
 Clara Watson Dau      Herts Therfield
 Lucy Ann Watson Dau      Herts Therfield
 Jane Watson Dau      Herts Therfield


 1871, Reynold's Cottage, Therfield, Hertfordshire  RG10 1360 f138 p28
 Edward Watson Head Mar 49   Ag Lab  Herts Therfield
 Lucy Watson Wife Mar 48   Ag Lab Wife  Herts Therfield
 William Watson Son Unm 22   Ag Lab  Herts Therfield
 Philip Watson Son Unm 20   Ag Lab  Herts Therfield
 James Watson Son   18   Ag Lab  Herts Therfield
 Clara Watson Dau   13   Scholar  Herts Therfield
 Lucy Watson Dau   11   Scholar  Herts Therfield
 George Watson Son    Scholar  Herts Therfield
 Joseph Watson Gson    Scholar  Herts Therfield
 Sarah Watson Gdau      Herts Therfield


 1881, The Thrift, Therfield, Hertfordshire  RG11 1412 f133 p19
 Edward Watson Head Mar 59   Shepherd  Herts Therfield
 Lucy Watson Wife Mar 58     Herts Therfield
 Joseph Watson Gson Unm 17   Shepherd  Herts Therfield


 1891, Slipes? Barn, Therfield, Hertfordshire  RG12 1102 f115 p11
 Edward Watson Head M 69   Agricultural Laborer  Herts Therfield
 Lucy Watson Wife M 68     Herts Therfield
 Joseph Watson Gson Widr 27   Agricultural Laborer  Herts Therfield


 1901, Carters Hill, Therfield, Hertfordshire  RG12 1102 f115 p11
 Henry Rand Head M 55   Roadman  Herts Therfield
 Emma Rand Wife M 57     Herts Therfield
 Edward Watson Boarder Widr 79   Parochial Relief (formerly
 Stockman on Farm)
 Herts Therfield


 1851, Village, Kelshall, Hertfordshire  HO107 1707 f234 p5
 William Chapman  Head Mar 31   Ag Lab  Herts Kelshall
 Emma Chapman  Wife Mar 26   Domestic Duties  Herts Therfield
 Tryphena Chapman  Dau    Scholar  Herts Therfield
 Philip Chapman  Son      Herts Therfield


 1861, Dane End, Therfield, Hertfordshire  RG9 813 f125 p10
 William Freeman Head  Mar 29   Agricultural Laborer  Herts Therfield
 Emma Freeman Wife  Mar 36   Agricultural Laborer Wife  Herts Therfield
 George Freeman Son    Agricultural Laborer Son  Herts Therfield
 Julia Freeman Dau    Agricultural Laborer Daur  Herts Therfield
 Emily Freeman Dau   1w   Agricultural Laborer Daur  Herts Therfield
 Lucy Ann Chapman Visitor    Scholar  Herts Kelshall


 1871, Dane End, Therfield, Hertfordshire  RG10 1360 f114 p10
 William Freeman Head Mar 39   Ag Lab  Herts Therfield
 Emma Freeman Wife Mar 46   Ag Lab Wife  Herts Therfield
 George Freeman Son Unm 15   Ag Lab  Herts Therfield
 Emily Freeman Dau   10   Scholar  Herts Therfield
 William Freeman Son    Scholar  Herts Therfield
 Anne Freeman Dau      Herts Therfield
 Lucy A Chapman Stepdau Unm 19   Domestic Servant  Herts Therfield
 John Chapman Gson   2m     Herts Therfield


 1881, Rooks Nest, Therfield, Hertfordshire  RG11 1412 f117 p17
 William Freeman Head Mar 48   Ag Lab  Herts Therfield
 Emma Freeman Wife Mar 56   Ag Lab's Wife  Herts Therfield
 William Freeman Son Unm 16   Ag Lab  Herts Therfield
 Annie Freeman Dau Unm 13   Ag Lab's Daur  Herts Therfield
 John Chapman Gson   10   Scholar  Herts Therfield


 1891, Rooks Nest Farm, Therfield, Hertfordshire  RG12 1102 f101 p5
 William Freeman Head M 61   Agricultural Labour  Herts Therfield
 Emma Freeman Wife M 66     Herts Therfield
 William Freeman Son S 27   Agricultural Labour  Herts Therfield
 William J Freeman Gson S 20   Agricultural Labour  Herts Therfield


 1901, Rooks Nest Farm, Therfield, Hertfordshire  RG13 1293 f68 p5
 William Freeman Head M 37   Horse Keeper on Farm  Herts Therfield
 Annie Freeman Wife M 36     Herts Therfield
 Frances Freeman Daur      Herts Therfield
 William Freeman Father Widr 65     Herts Therfield


 1861, Street, Kelshall, Hertfordshire  RG9 812 f138 p11
 James Jones Head Mar 32   Shepherd  Herts Kelshall
 Mary Jones Wife Mar 32     Herts Therfield
 Emily Jones Daur Un  Scholar  Herts Therfield
 William Jones Son    Scholar  Herts Therfield
 James Jones Son    Scholar  Herts Kelshall
 Eliza Ann Jones Daur   2m     Herts Kelshall


 1871, Village, Kelshall, Hertfordshire  RG10 1360 f51 p9
 James Jones Head Mar 42   Shepherd  Herts Kelshall
 Mary Jones Wife Mar 42     Herts Therfield
 William Jones Son Unm 16   Agr Labourer  Herts Therfield
 James Jones Son   13   Agr Labourer  Herts Kelshall
 Eliza A Jones Daur   10   Scholar  Herts Kelshall


 1881, Well Head, Therfield, Hertfordshire  RG11 1412 f127 p8
 James Jones Head Mar 52   Dealer (General)  Herts Kelshall
 Mary Jones Wife Mar 52   Dealers Wife  Herts Therfield


 1891, Paddlers Lane, Therfield, Hertfordshire  RG12 1102 f116 p13
 James Jones Head M 63   Grocer & Dealer  Herts Kelshall
 Mary Jones Wife M 62     Herts Therfield
 Katty? Gatward Gdau    Scholar  Herts Therfield


 1901, Church Lane, Therfield, Hertfordshire  RG13 1293 f82 p11
 James Jones Head M 73   Living on Own Means  Herts Kelshall
 Mary Jones Wife M 73     Herts Therfield


 1861, Mackerell Hill, Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire  RG9 814 f64 p2
 Edward Hagger Head Mar 29   Labourer  Herts Therfield
 Jane Hagger Wife Mar 26   Wife  Herts Sandon
 James Hagger Son Un  Scholar  Herts Therfield
 William Hagger Son Un  Scholar  Herts Therfield
 Emma Hagger   Un  Scholar  Herts Therfield
 Fuller? Hagger Daur Un 11m     Cambs Bassingbourn


 1871, Baldock Road Mackerell Hall, Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire  RG10 1361 f75 p2
 Edward Hagger Head Mar 39   Ag Lab  Herts Therfield
 Ann Hagger Wife Mar 36     Herts Sandon
 William Hagger Son Unm 14   Ag Lab  Herts Therfield
 Jane Hagger Daur    Scholar  Cambs Royston
 Frederick Hagger Son      Cambs Royston


 1881, Mackerel Hall, Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire  RG11 1413 f74 p16
 Edward Hagger Head Mar 49   Agtl. Labr.  Herts Therfield
 Ann Hagger Wife Mar 47     Herts Sandon
 William Hagger Son   22   Agtl. Labr.  Herts Therfield
 Frederick Hagger Son   12   Scholar  Cambs Bassingbourn
 Elizabeth Hagger Daur    Scholar  Cambs Bassingbourn
 James Gatward Lodger Unm 36   Brewer's Labourer  Herts Therfield


 1891, Mackerel Hall, Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire  RG12 1103 f61 p16
 Edward Hagger Head M 59   Agricultural Labourer  Herts Therfield
 Ann Hagger Wife M 57     Herts Sandon
 James Hagger Son M 35   Agricultural Labourer  Herts Therfield
 James Gatward Lodger S 46   Agricultural Labourer  Herts Therfield

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