Transcripts of Census Returns

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Newton A
Martha Newton & William Feakes, and family [except those on Newton B]

 1841, Saham Toney, Norfolk  HO107 785/23 f11 p15
 William Fakes     55   Farmer  Yes
 Martha Fakes     55     Yes
 William Fakes     17     Yes
 Eliza Fakes     23     Yes
 Thomas Fakes        Yes


 1851, Saham Toney, Norfolk  HO107 1831 f445 p15
 William Feakes  Head  Marr 66   Farmer 8 acres  Saham Toney, Norfolk
 Martha Feakes  Wife  Marr 68     Saham Toney, Norfolk
 William Newton  Son  Unm 27   Farmer 24 acres Poultry Dealer  Saham Toney, Norfolk
 Thomas Barnard  Visitor   13     Great Cressingham, Nfk.


 1841, Great Cressingham, Norfolk  HO107 773/6 f7/8 p9/10
 John Newton     29   Ag Lab  Yes
 Mary Newton     26     Yes
 Louisa Newton        Yes
 Leah Newton        Yes


 1851, Great Cressingham, Norfolk  HO107 1831 f247 p22
 John Newton  Head  Marr 39   Ag Lab  Great Cressingham, Nfk.
 Mary Newton  Wife  Marr 37     Great Cressingham, Nfk.
 Louisa Newton  Dau   14   Scholar  Great Cressingham, Nfk.
 Leah Newton  Dau   12   Scholar  Great Cressingham, Nfk.
 Martha Newton  Dau    Scholar  Great Cressingham, Nfk.
 Eliza Newton  Dau    Scholar  Great Cressingham, Nfk.
 Matthew Newton  Son    Scholar  Great Cressingham, Nfk.


 1861, Street Cottage, Great Cressingham, Norfolk  RG9 1263 f6 p8
 John Newton  Head  Marr 49   Ag Lab  Great Cressingham, Nfk.
 Mary Newton  Wife  Marr 47     Great Cressingham, Nfk.
 Leah Newton  Dau  Unm 23   Farmer's Servant  Great Cressingham, Nfk.
 Matthew Newton  Son  Unm 13   Scholar  Great Cressingham, Nfk.
 Thomas Newton  Son  Unm  Scholar  Great Cressingham, Nfk.
 Susanna Newton  Gdau   2m     Great Cressingham, Nfk.
 Robert Story  Lodger  Wid 65   Ag Lab  Great Cressingham, Nfk.


 1871, Great Cressingham, Norfolk  RG10 1870 f8 p9
 John Newton  Head  Marr 59   Agl Labourer  Great Cressingham, Nfk.
 Mary Newton  Wife  Marr 57     Great Cressingham, Nfk.
 Matthew Newton  Son  Unm 23   Agl Labourer  Great Cressingham, Nfk.
 Thomas Newton  Son   16   Agl Labourer  Great Cressingham, Nfk.
 Aida Newton  Dau    Scholar  Great Cressingham, Nfk.
 Robert Warren  Lodger  Unm 25   Agl Labourer  Great Cressingham, Nfk.


 1881, Kings Row, Shipdham, Norfolk  RG11 1976 f39 p8
 John Newton  Head  Marr 67   Farmer 35 Acres 1 Man  Great Cressingham, Nfk.
 Mary Newton  Wife  Marr 65   Farmer's Wife  Great Cressingham, Nfk.
 Matthew Newton  Son  Unm 30   Farmer's Son  Great Cressingham, Nfk.
 Thomas Newton  Son  Unm 25   Farmer's Son  Great Cressingham, Nfk.
 Agnes Newton  Gdau  Unm 18     Great Cressingham, Nfk.


 1891, 11 Watton Road, Shipdham, Norfolk  RG12 1551 f32 p5
 Thomas Newton Head S 30   Farmer  Norfolk Gt Cressingham
 Mary Newton Mother Wid 75     Norfolk Gt Cressingham


 1891, Shipdham Road, Carbrooke, Norfolk  RG12 1550 f37 p16
 James Johnson Head M 25   Agric Labourer  Norfolk Carbrooke
 Agnes Johnson Wife M 28     Norfolk Carbrooke


 1901, Willow Corner, Carbrooke, Norfolk  RG13 1868 f36 p11
 James Johnson Head M 36   Horseman on Farm  Norfolk Carbrook
 Agnes Johnson Wife M 38     Norfolk Gt Cressingham
 May Johnson Dau    Scholar  Norfolk Carbrook
 Sidney Johnson Son    Scholar  Norfolk Carbrook
 Harold Johnson Son    Scholar  Norfolk Carbrook
 Mary Newton *   88   *Grandmother to wife  Norfolk Gt Cressingham


 1841, Saham Toney, Norfolk  HO107 785/23 f7 p6
 Robert Newton     25   Ag Lab  Yes
 Mary Ann Newton     20     Yes
 Eliza Newton     2m     Yes


 1851, Saham Toney, Norfolk  HO107 1831 f446 p16
 Robert Newton  Head  Marr 34   Ag Lab  Saham Toney, Norfolk
 Mary Ann Newton  Wife  Marr 34     Saham Toney, Norfolk
 Eliith Newton  Dau   10   Scholar  Saham Toney, Norfolk
 Josiah Newton  Son    Scholar  Saham Toney, Norfolk
 William Newton  Son   9?     Saham Toney, Norfolk


 1861, Saham Toney, Norfolk  RG9 1263 f163 p9
 Robert Newton  Head  Marr 46   Lab & Higgler  Norfolk Saham Toney
 Mary Ann Newton  Wife  Marr 46     Norfolk Saham Toney
 Josiah Newton  Son   17   Ag Lab  Norfolk Saham Toney
 William Newton  Son   12   Scholar  Norfolk Saham Toney
 Alfred F Newton  Son      Norfolk Saham Toney
 John S Newton  Son   4m     Norfolk Saham Toney


 1871, Saham Toney, Norfolk  RG9 1871 f62 p10
 Robert Newton  Head  Marr 55   Dealer  Norfolk Saham Toney
 Mary A Newton  Wife  Marr 56     Norfolk Saham Toney
 Alfred Newton  Son   13   Scholar  Norfolk Saham Toney


 1881, Saham Hills, Saham Toney, Norfolk  RG11 2009 f99 p5
 Robert Newton  Head  Marr 65   Higgler  Norfolk Saham Toney
 Mary Ann Newton  Wife  Marr 66     Norfolk Saham Toney
 Alfred Newton  Son  Unm 22   Higgler  Norfolk Saham Toney
 Robert Bunnett  Gson  Unm 15   Ag Lab  Norfolk Saham Toney


 1861, Saham Toney, Norfolk  RG9 1263 f162 p8
 Robert Bonnett  Head  Marr 24   Ag Lab  Norfolk Saham Toney
 Eliza Bonnett  Wife  Marr 20     Norfolk Saham Toney
 Robert Alma Bonnett  Son   2m     Norfolk Saham Toney


 1871, Saham Toney, Norfolk  RG10 1871 f62 p10
 Eliza Griggs  Head   30   Labourers Wife  Norfolk Saham Toney
 Robert Bunnett  Son   10   Cow Boy  Norfolk Saham Toney
 Leonard Bunnett  Son      Norfolk Saham Toney
 Mary A Bunnett  Dau    Scholar  Norfolk Saham Toney
 Robert Bunnett  Son    Scholar  Norfolk Saham Toney
 William Griggs  Son      Norfolk Saham Toney


 1881, 25 Chapel Street, Brotton, Yorkshire  RG11 4839 f25 p43
 Thomas Griggs  Head  Mar 31   Ironstone Miner  Norfolk Saham
 Ann E Griggs  Wife  Mar 40     Norfolk Saham
 William Griggs  Son   11   Scholar  Norfolk Saham
 Martha A Griggs  Dau    Scholar  Yorkshire Guisbro
 Thomas Griggs  Son      Yorkshire Brotton
 Alfred J E Griggs  Son   1m     Yorkshire Brotton
 Robert A Bunnett Stepson  Unm 20   Ironstone Miner  Norfolk Saham
 Mary A Bunnett Stepdau  Unm 16   General Domestic Serv  Norfolk Saham
 William Stephenson Boarder  Unm 26   Ironstone Miner  Yorkshire Aiselby


 1891, 5 Prospect Place, Skelton, Yorkshire  RG12 4000 f31 p11
 Almar Bunnett Head M 30   Iron Stone Miner  Saham Norfolk
 Amy Bunnett Wife M 27     Lackenby Yorks
 Alice Maud Bunnett Daur    Scholar  Skelton Yorks
 Frederick Bunnett Son    Scholar  Skelton Yorks
 Henry Leonard Bunnett Son      Skelton Yorks
 Elizabeth A Bunnett Daur      Skelton Yorks


 1901, 36 Park Street, Skelton, Yorkshire  RG13 4567 f31 p11
 Almar Bunnett Head M 40   Below Ground Ironstone Miner  Norfolk
 Amy Bunnett Wife M 37     Yorks Lacenby
 Maude Bunnett Daur S 16     Yorks Skelton
 Frederick Bunnett Son   14   Below Ground On Rope in Ironstone Mine  Yorks Skelton
 Henry Bunnett Son   12     Yorks Skelton
 Mary Bunnett Daur      Yorks Skelton
 Annie Bunnett Daur      Yorks Skelton
 William Bunnett Son      Yorks Skelton
 Esther Bunnett Daur      Yorks Skelton
 Amy O Bunnett Daur      Yorks Skelton


 1891, Moor Lane, Saham Toney, Norfolk  RG12 1575 f142 p17
 Walter Nichols Head M 26   Agricultural Laborer  Norfolk Saham Toney
 Annie Nichols Wife M 24     Norfolk Saham Toney
 Rosa R Nichols Daur      Norfolk Saham Toney
 Artie Dora Nichols Daur      Norfolk Saham Toney
 Ellen Nichols Daur   6m     Norfolk Saham Toney
 Robert Bunnett Lodger S 24   Agricultural Laborer  Norfolk Saham Toney

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