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Webb A
William & Sarah[s] Webb, and family (except those on Webb B), and Joseph & Elizabeth Chiswick, and family

 1841, John Street, Bermondsey, Surrey  HO107 1047/5 f14 p21
 William Webb     51   Tailor  Yes
 Sarah Webb     26     Yes
 John Webb     12     No
 Sarah Webb        No


 1841, Three Oak Lane, Horsleydown, Surrey  HO107 1087/4 f10 p12
 William Webb     26   Tailor  Yes
 Elizabeth Webb     25     Yes
 William Webb        Yes
 Susannah Webb        Yes
 Frederick Webb        Yes
 Samuel Webb     18   Apprentice  Yes
 Joseph Cheswick     17   Apprentice  Yes
 Catherine Nevin     15   Fem S.  Yes


 1851, 3 Three Oak Lane, Horsleydown, Surrey  HO107 1559 f399 p37
 William F Webb  Head M 36   Tailor  Surrey St John's
 Elizabeth Webb  Wife M 36     Surrey St John's
 William Webb  Son   14   Errand Boy  Surrey St John's
 Susannah Webb  Dau   13   Scholar  Surrey St John's
 Frederick Webb  Son   11   Scholar  Surrey St John's
 Jane Webb  Dau    Scholar  Surrey St John's
 Rosetta Webb  Dau    Scholar  Surrey St John's
 Edward Webb  Son    Scholar  Surrey St John's
 Emma Webb  Dau   11m     Surrey St John's


 1861, 9 Woolf Street, Bermondsey, Surrey  RG9 323 f101 p16
 Webb F William  Head  Mar 46   Tailor Journey  Sry St Johns
 Webb W Frederick  Son  Unm 21   Cork Cutter  Sry St Johns
 Webb A Rosetta  Dau  Unm 17   Umbrella Maker  Sry St Johns
 Webb H Edward  Son  Unm 13   Scholar  Sry St Johns
 Webb E Eliza  Dau  Unm 11   Cap Maker Cloth  Sry St Johns
 Webb J Mary  Dau  Unm  Scholar  Bermondsey
 Webb A George  Son  Unm  Scholar  Bermondsey
 Cheswick Jos. Lodger  Unm 37   Tailor & Fellowship Porter  Sry St Johns


 1871, 18 Chilton Street, Rotherhithe, Surrey  RG10 643 f20 p36
 William F Webb  Head  Wid 55   Tailor  Surrey Horsleydown
 Edward H Webb  Son  Unm 23   Oar maker  Surrey Horsleydown
 Mary J Webb  Dau  Unm 15   Feather Sewer  Surrey Bermondsey
 Alfred G Webb  Son  Unm 13   Bottle Wirer  Surrey Bermondsey
 William A Webb  Son  Marr 36   Hosier Shopman unempl.  Surrey Horsleydown
 Sarah Webb  D in L  Marr 40     Cornwall Ashtown
 Edward Turner Visitor      Surrey Rotherhithe
 Edward Bentley Visitor  Unm 23   Stoker  Surrey Rotherhithe
 William T Girard  Head  Marr 21   Assistant Store Keeper  Middlesex St Georges E
 Emma E Girard  Wife  Marr 20     Surrey Horsleydown
 Emma E Girard  Dau      Surrey Rotherhithe
 Joseph Chiswick Lodger  Unm 47   Tailor  Surrey Horsleydown


 1881, 35 Chilton Street, Rotherhithe, Surrey  RG11 577 f14 p23
 Wm. Fredk. Webb  Head  Widr 65   Sailor  Mdx Stepney
 Joseph Chiswick Boarder  Unm 57   Sailor  Surrey Bermondsey


 1891, 42 Hardcastle Street, Peckham, London  RG12 479 f96 p30
 Frank Underwood  Head M 68   C. Traveller  Warwick Leamington
 Matilda Underwood  Wife M 40     Warwick Leamington
 Matilda Underwood  Dau    Scholar  London Peckham
 Francess[sic] Underwood  Dau    Scholar  London Peckham
 William Webb Boarder  Widr 73   Tailor  London


 1891, 10 Cooper's Alms Houses, Ratcliff, London  RG12 293 f83 p41
 Joseph Cheswick  Head  Single  68     London Southwark


 1881, 22 Searls Terrace, Deptford, Kent  RG11 706 f77 p21
 Alfred G Webb  Head  Marr 23   Labr Genl Out of Employ  Bermondsey Surrey
 Emily J Webb  Wife  Marr 23     Greenwich Kent
 Clara Styles  Dau    Scholar  Rotherhithe Surrey
 Elizabeth J Webb  Dau   7w     Deptford Kent


 1891, 10 Sayes Street, Deptford, Kent  RG12 497 f139 p55+56
 Alfred J Webb  Head M 35   Dock Labourer  Surrey N.K.
 Emily Webb  Wife M 35     Kent Greenwich
 Alfred Webb  Son      Kent Deptford
 Emily Webb  Dau   10     Kent Deptford
 Charles Webb  Son      Kent Deptford
 William Sinden Lodger S 27   Wood Paveing Road  Kent Greenwich
 John Benett Lodger S 30   Wood Paving Road  Surrey Rotherhithe


 1901, 10 Sayes Street, Deptford, Kent  RG13 525 f36 p63
 Alfred Webb  Head M 45   Deal Porter  Surrey Bermondsey
 Emily Webb  Wife M 43     Greenwich
 Alfred G Webb  Son S 17   Deal Porter  Kent Deptford
 Charles Webb  Son   12     Kent Deptford
 Emily Webb  Dau      Kent Deptford
 Mary Ann Webb  Dau      Kent Deptford
 Annie Webb  Dau      Kent Deptford
 Albert Webb  Son      Kent Deptford


 1851, 2 Potters Fields, Horsleydown, Surrey  HO107 1559 f275 p47
 Joseph Chiswick  Head  Marr 64   Corn Porter  Surrey Horsleydown
 Elizabeth Chiswick  Wife  Marr 48     Devon Taunton
 Samuel Chiswick  Son      Surrey Horsleydown


 1851, 32 Charles Street, Horsleydown, Surrey  HO107 1559 f275 p47
 Richard Sexton  Head M 43   Mariner  Sussex Bosham
 Susannah Sexton  Wife M 34     Surrey Southwark
 Richard J Sexton  Son    Scholar  Surrey Southwark
 Joseph Cheswick Lodger U 27   Tailor Journeyman &
 Fellowship Porter
 Surrey Southwark


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