Transcripts of Census Returns

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Jacob & Hannah (Symes) Trenchard, and family

 1841, High Street, Taunton, Somerset  HO107 972/5 f10 p13
 Jacob Trenchard     50   Shoe M. J.  Y
 Hannah Trenchard     57   Laundress  Y
 Phebe Trenchard     20   Dressmaker  Y
 Louisa Trenchard        Y


 1851, Harmony Cottages, Taunton, Somerset  HO107 1923 f48 p27
 Harriet Trenchard Head Widow 71   Annuitant  Somerset Chard
 Louisa Trenchard Gdau U 11     London


 1841, Drury Lane, St Giles, Middlesex  HO107 673/8 f11 p14
 James Tranchard     20   Painter &c
 Sarah Tranchard     20   Nil  Yes
 Jane Mills     25   Ind.  Yes
 Martha Tranchard     15   Nil  No
 Fredk. Tranchard     7m     Yes
 Emma Molton[?]        Yes


 1851, No.3 Charing Cross, St Helier, Jersey  HO107 2527 f10 p12
 James Tranchard Head
31   Publican
 Sarah Tranchard Wife
33     England
 Frederick Tranchard Son
  10     England
 Phoebe Tranchard Daur
 Oliva Tranchard Daur
     France; British subject


 1851, Samares Lane, St Clement, Jersey  HO107 2528 f152 p18
 Gideon Ahier
 Head Mar 62   Farmer of 6 acres
 Jersey St Helier
 Elizabeth Ahier
 Wife Mar 61     Jersey St Clement
 Ann Ahier
 Dau 21     Jersey St Clement
 Susan Billot
   Scholar  Jersey St Saviour
 Ellen Tranchard Visitor
 Scholar  Jersey St Helier


 1861, 8 Nassau St, Westminster, Middlesex  RG9 176 f93 p38
 Robert Biggs  Head Mar 48   Coach maker's labourer  Bracknell Narfield
 Sarah Biggs  Wife Mar 47   Laundress  Shropshire Draycott
 Mary Biggs  Dau   14     Middlesex Marylebone
 Robert Biggs  Son   10   Scholar  Middlesex St Giles
 Emily Biggs  Dau      Middlesex St Giles
 James E Trenchard Lodger Mar 42   Merchant  Somerset Taunton


 1861, St Saviour's Road, St Saviour, Jersey  RG9 4407 f65 p17
 Sarah Trenchard  Head  Marr 39   Annuitant  England London
 Olivia Trenchard  Dau   14   Scholar  France St Servan
 Rosina Trenchard  Dau    Scholar  Jersey St Helier


 1861, 9 Wesley Street, St Helier, Jersey  RG9 4396 f95 p15
 Ellen Trenchard  Dau  Unm 18   Merchant's Daur  Jersey, St Helier
 Phoebe Trenchard  Dau  Unm 16   Merchant's Daur  England
 Jane Creagh  Visitor  Unm 20     Jersey, St Helier


 1871, 11 St James Street, St Helier, Jersey  RG10 5756 f47 p9
 Sarah Trenchard  Head  Wid 51   Cheesemonger  England
 Olivia Trenchard  Dau  Unm 24     France
 Rosina Trenchard  Dau  Unm 15   Milliner  Jersey St Heliers
 Louisa Jane Sherry Boarder  Unm 18   Dress Maker  Jersey St Heliers


 1881, 11 St James Road, St Helier, Jersey  RG11 5611 f78 p7
 Sarah Trenchard  Head  Wid 54   Annuitant  England


 1881, Alphington House, Patier Road, St Saviour, Jersey  RG11 5617 f63 p13
 Yorick Jones Murrow  Head  Marr 62     Liverpool
 Mary Teresa Murrow  Wife  Marr 27     Kurachee, East Indies
 Catherine F Murrow  Dau   16     Hong Kong Br. Colonies
 Adam Scott Murrow  Son   15     Hong Kong Br. Colonies
 John Henry Gray Murrow  Son   14     Hong Kong Br. Colonies
 Maud Ethel Mary Murrow  Dau      London, Middlesex
 Henry Lloyd Murrow  Son      Jersey, Channel Islands
 Emma Oliver Trenchard  Serv  Unm 31   Domestic Servt Cook  St Servan, France
 Sarah Beale  Serv  Unm 21   Domestic Servt Hsemaid  Weymouth
 Honour Moore  Serv  Unm 22   Domestic Servt Nurse  London, Middlesex


 1891, St James Street, St Helier, Jersey  RG12 4694 f26 p6
 Sarah Trenchard  Head  Wid 71   Living on her own means  England
 Olivia E Trenchard  Dau  Unm 44   Dressmaker  France, British Subject
 Eva Trenchard  Gdau    Scholar  Jersey, St Helier


 1901, 15 Union Street, St Helier, Jersey  RG13 5313 f29 p11
 Ollivia E Trenchard  Head  Unm 54   Dressmaker & Tailoress  France (French Subject)


 1901, St Mary's Home, Buxted, Sussex  RG13 902 f20 p14
 Frances A Horwood
Sister in Charge
47   Sister of Mercy
 Oxford Banbury
 Alice Nye
 Community S
25   Sister of Mercy
 Sussex Brighton
 Margaret Bicknell
Boarder  S
34   Living on own means
 Suffolk Snoton?
 Eliza Crawley
47   General Servant Domestic
 Herts Caldecote
 Katherine Hayward
30   Cook Domestic
 Sussex Worthing
 Mabel Howith
 Matron S
21   Helper with Industrial
 Northumberland N K
 Eva S Trenchard Visitor
15   Cook Domestic
 Jersey N K
 Daisy James
22   Training for Dom Service
 Sussex N K
 Bessie Oaten
13   Training for Dom Service  Kent Dover
 Mary Vane
15   Training for Dom Service  London N K
 Maria Raven
15   Training for Dom Service  London NK
 Phyllis Farndel
14   Training for Dom Service  Sussex Arundel
 Hilda H Penrice
16   Training for Dom Service  London Eaton Sq


 1861, 27 Bolwell Street, Lambeth, Surrey  RG9 355 f6 p10
 John Frederick Trenchard  Head Unm 20   Coach Maker Journeyman  Middlesex London


 1871, 9 Wesley Street, St Helier, Jersey  RG10 5757 f57 p21
 J F E Trenchard  Head Mar 30   Egg & Butter Salesman  London
 Mary A Trenchard  Wife Mar 27     Jersey St Helier
 Fredk. E Trenchard  Son    Scholar  Jersey St Helier
 Henry J Trenchard  Son      Jersey St Helier


 1881, 9 Wesley Street, St Helier, Jersey  RG11 5613 f40 p23
 John F E Trenchard  Head  Marr 40   Butter Merchant (Man)  London, Middlesex
 Mary Ann Trenchard  Wife  Marr 37     St Helier, Jersey
 Fred E Trenchard  Son  Unm 15   Scholar  St Helier, Jersey
 Henry Trenchard  Son  Unm 11   Scholar  St Helier, Jersey
 Alfred Trenchard  Son  Unm  Scholar  St Helier, Jersey
 James J Trenchard  Son  Unm  Scholar  St Helier, Jersey
 Maud Mary Trenchard  Dau  Unm  Scholar  St Helier, Jersey
 Frank Arthur Trenchard  Son  Unm  Scholar  St Helier, Jersey
 Maria Segouin  Serv  Unm 15   General Servant  Grouville, Jersey


 1891, 10 Hilary Street, St Helier, Jersey  RG12 4695 f13 p19
 John F E Trenchard  Head  Marr 50   Merchant  London
 Mary A Trenchard  Wife  Marr 47     Jersey, St Helier's
 Frederick E Trenchard  Son  Unm 25   Coach builder  Jersey, St Helier's
 John J Trenchard  Son  Unm 18   Coach painter  Jersey, St Helier's
 Mary M Trenchard  Dau  Unm 13   Scholar  Jersey, St Helier's
 Lilian A Trenchard  Dau  Unm  Scholar  Jersey, St Helier's
 Alice Benoit  Serv.  Unm 18   Domestic Servant  Jersey, St Helier's


 1901, 10 Hilary Street, St Helier, Jersey  RG13 5312 f164 p9
 J. F. E. Trenchard  Head  Marr 60   Butter Merchant  England
 Mary Ann Trenchard  Wife  Marr 57     Jersey St Helier
 Maud M Trenchard  Dau  Unm 23   Living on Own Means  Jersey St Helier
 Lilian A Trenchard  Dau  Unm 18?   Living on Own Means  Jersey St Helier


 1901, 4 Belvedere Villas, Belvedere Hill, St Saviour, Jersey  RG13 5309 f44 p6
 Fred. E. Trenchard Head M 35   Coach Body Maker
 Jersey St Heliers
 Ellen Trenchard Wife M 35     England (Waltham Abbey Essex)


 1901, 12 Hilary Street, St Helier, Jersey  RG13 5312 f164 p9
 Henry Trenchard  Head  Marr 31   Vanman  Jersey St Helier
 Armandine Trenchard  Wife  Marr 27     Jersey St Helier
 Walter Trenchard  Son      Jersey St Helier


 1901, 4 Millbrook Terrace, Eastleigh, Hampshire  RG13 1066 f26 p43
 James J Trenchard Head M 27   Railway Coach Painter
 Ellen M Trenchard Wife M 28     Jersey
 Gladys M Trenchard Daur
     Hants Bishopstoke


 1861, 8 Beresford Street, St Helier, Jersey  RG9 4396 f110 p5/6
 Charles C Hancock Head Mar 24   Steward of Victoria Club
 Louisa Sarah Hancock Wife Mar 21     England
 Albert Charles Hancock Son  
2m     Jersey St Helier
 Emily McDonnell Servt
Un 24   Cook  Ireland
 Ellen L Cash
  35   House Maid
 Ellen McCarthy
Un 17   Nurse  Ireland


 1871, 22 Manor Road, Rotherhithe, Surrey  RG10 645 f14/15 p22/23
 Charles C Hancock Head Mar 34   Pastry Cook Unemployed
 Dorset Weymouth
 Louisa Hancock Wife Mar 31     St Giles Drury Lane
 Albert Hancock Son  
10   Scholar  Jersey Channel Islands
 Francis Hancock Son
 Scholar  Jersey Channel Islands
 Henry Hancock Son
 Jersey Channel Islands
 Charles Hancock Son
   Surrey Bermondsey
 George Hancock Son
   Surrey Bermondsey


 1881, 4 Rivett Street, Camberwell, Surrey  RG11 700 f81 p24
 William Tobutt
Head Mar 46   Carman
 Horsham Sussex
 Emily Tobutt
Wife Mar 41     Bermondsey Surrey
 William S Tobutt
Son Unm
21   Tanner  Bermondsey Surrey
 George Tobutt
16   Assistant oilman
 Bermondsey Surrey
 Esther E Tobutt
 Bermondsey Surrey
 Annie M Tobutt
   Camberwell Surrey
 Isaac Terry
48   Chelsea Pensioner
 Camberwell Surrey
 Albert C Hancock Boarder
20   Seaman Stoker Steamship
 Henry Hancock Boarder
15   Turner in Wood


 1881, 19 Marcia Road, Southwark St George the Martyr, Surrey  RG11 523 f69 p36
 James Smith
Head Mar 22   Carman Railway
 St Georges Surrey
 Emma Smith
Wife Mar 22     Hants
 Edward F Hancock Lodger
17   Van Guard


 1881, 293 Lynton Road, Bermondsey, Surrey  RG11 573 f31/32 p30/31
 Charles Bacon
Head Mar 63   Confectioner & Tobacconist
 Surrey Southwark
 Sarah Bacon
Wife Mar 58     Surrey Rotherhithe
 Charles Hancock Serv
14   Servant Dom
 Surrey Bermondsey


 1881, South Metropolitan District School, Sutton, Surrey  RG11 760 f61 p33
 George Hancock  
10   Scholar  Surrey St Olaves
 Emma Hancock  
 Scholar  Surrey St Olaves
 Frederick Hancock  
 Scholar  Surrey St Olaves
 and over 1,100 other scholars


 1881, 31 Brandon Road, Wood Street, Walthamstow, Essex  RG11 1732 f118 p53
 Thomas Torode  Head  Marr 28   Bricklayer  St Heliers, Jersey
 Rose Torode  Wife  Marr 24     St Heliers, Jersey
 Thomas Torode  Son  Unm  Scholar  St Heliers, Jersey
 Fredk. Torode  Son  Unm  Scholar  St Heliers, Jersey
 Edith Torode  Dau  Unm  Scholar  Middlesbrough, York
 Arthur Torode  Son  Unm    Walthamstow, Essex
 Charles Torode  Son  Unm    Walthamstow, Essex


 1891, 3 Rangemore Road, Tottenham, Middlesex  RG12 1072 f11 p15
 Thomas Torode  Head M 38   Bricklayer  Jersey St Heliers
 Rose Torode  Wife M 35     Jersey St Heliers
 Thomas Torode  Son S 19   Bricklayer  Jersey St Heliers
 Fred Torode  Son S 18   Signwriter  Jersey St Heliers
 Edith Torode  Dau S 16     Yorkshire Middlesboro
 Arthur Torode  Son S 13   Scholar  Essex Walthamstow
 Charles Torode  Son   11   Scholar  Essex Walthamstow
 Harry Torode  Son    Scholar  Essex Walthamstow
 Rose Torode  Dau    Scholar  Middlesex Tottenham
 Alfred Torode  Son    Scholar  Middlesex Tottenham
 Bert Torode  Son      Middlesex Tottenham
 Frank Torode  Son      Middlesex Tottenham


 1901, 51 Queens Road, Walthamstow, Essex  RG13 1625 f74 p33
 Thomas Torode  Head M 49   Bricklayer  Jersey
 Rose Torode  Wife M 44     Jersey
 Arthur Torode  Son S 23   Bricklayer  Essex Walthamstow
 Harry Torode  Son S 19   Sign Writer  Essex Walthamstow
 Rose Torode  Dau S 16     Middlesex Tottenham
 Alf Torode  Son S 14     Middlesex Tottenham
 Bert Torode  Son S 13     Middlesex Tottenham
 Frank Torode  Son S 11     Middlesex Tottenham


 1851, 28 Queen Street, St Helier, Jersey  HO107 2527 f137 p5
 William Shayler Head Mar 30   Poulterer  England
 Rebecca Shayler Wife Mar 30     England
 Wm Hy Shayler Son  
   Jersey St Helier


 1861, 28 Queen Street, St Helier, Jersey  RG9 4394 f4 p1
 Phoebe Shayler Head
39   Poulterer  England Somerset
 Susan Ann Allen
25   Maid of all work
 Jersey St Helier


 1851, 4 Hunts Court, Bishop's Hull, Somerset  HO107 1923 f156 p2
 Thomas Dean Head Mar 24   Black Smith
 Somerset Combe St Nicholas
 M. Dean Wife Mar 27   Fancy Netter? Maker
 Somerset Taunton
 E. Dean
18   Fancy Netter? Maker  Somerset Combe St Nicholas


 1861, Puckington, Somerset [no address]
 RG9 1632 f65 p1
 Thomas Dean Head Mar 36   Smith
 Combe St Nicholas
 Martha Dean Wife Mar 38     Taunton
 Anna Dean Daur
 Phebe Dean Daur
 Frederick Dean Son
 Herbert Dean Son
 Georgeanna Dean Daur
 Rose Dean Daur
 Hannah Trenchard Lodger
77   Inde


 1871, Croft Cottage, Aller, Somerset  RG10 2396 f28 p8
 Thomas Dean Head Mar 44   Blacksmith
 Somerset Combe St Nicholas
 Martha Dean Wife Mar 46   Dressmaker  Somerset Taunton
 Frederick Dean Son
15   Blacksmith
 Somerset Puckington
 Herbert Dean Son
14   Under Gardener
 Somerset Puckington
 Rosa Ann Dean Daur
10   Scholar
 Somerset Puckington
 Eva Jane Dean Daur
 Somerset Aller
 William H. Dean Son
 Somerset Aller


 1881, Church Path, Aller, Somerset  RG11 2380 f77 p5
 Martha Dean Head
58   Dressmaker  Somerset Taunton
 William Dean Son
15   Agricultural Labourer
 Somerset Aller
 Lilly Porter Gdaur
 Yorks, Leeds
 Herbert Porter Gson
 Somerset Aller
 Florence E. Dean Gdaur
 Somerset Bridgewater


 1891, South Street, Aller, Somerset  RG12 1889 f69 p1
 Martha Dean Head
61   Dress Maker Employed
 Somerset Taunton
 Florence Dean Gdaur
10   Scholar
 Somerset Bridgewater


 1881, Plough Inn, Old Netley, Hound, Hampshire  RG11 1216 f36 p27
 John Snook Head
23   Publican  Somerset Somerton
 Phoebe Snook Wife
25   Wife
 Somerset Puckington


 1891, British Hotel, St Nicholas, St Peter, Jersey  RG12 4700 f32 p14
 John Snook Head
34   Hotel Keeper  Somerset England
 Phoebe Snook Wife
 Somerset England
 Archie Snook Son
 Percy Snook Son

 Ellen Witt Cousin
24   Barmaid  St Helier Jersey
 Amy Witt Cousin

19   Assistant


 1901, 11 Henley Road, Southsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire  RG12 4700 f32 p14
 John Snook Head
44   Joiner
 Somerset Somerton
 Phoebe Snook Wife
 Somerset Puckington
 John J. A. Snook Son
19   Electrical Engineer
 Hants Old Netley
 William T. P. Snook Son

18   Pianoforte Maker
 Hants Old Netley


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