Transcripts of Census Returns

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Witt A
William [& Alice] Witt, and family

 1841, Chase, Winchmore Hill, Middlesex  HO107 652/8 f12 p17
 William Witt     64   Wine Merchant  No
 Ann Witt     15     Yes
 John Martin     30   Warehouse M.  Yes
 Elizabeth Martin     30     Yes
 Edmund Bishop     30   M. S.  Yes
 Mary Bishop     20   F. S.  Yes
 John Perry     15   M. S.  No


 1851, White Cottage, Hoppers Road, Winchmore Hill, Middlesex  HO107 1703 f270 p20
 William Witt  Head   Marr  74   Retired Wine Merchant   Newport, Isle of White 
 Harriet Witt  Wife   Marr  59     London, Middlesex 
 Mary Dupre  Servant  Unm  25   House Servant   London, Middlesex 
 John Holton? Servant   Unm  17   Servant  London, Middlesex 


 1841, 32 High Street Norton Folgate, Shoreditch, Middlesex  HO107 701/15 f21 p5
 Charles Witt     25   Wine Merchant  No
 Sarah Witt     30     No
 Sarah Witt        No
 Alice Witt        No
 Mary Ann Witt     10m     Yes
 Mary Livermore     20   F. S.  No
 William Witt     17   M. S.  Yes


 1851, 1 Peel Terrace, Bethnal Green, Middlesex  HO107 1540 f588
 Charles Witt  Head  Marr 33   Clothier  London
 Sarah Witt  Wife  Marr 43     Whitechapel
 Susanna Jane Witt  Dau    Scholar  Norton Folgate
 Charles Burrell Witt  Son      Finsbury
 William Witt  Son   1m     Bethnal Green
 Sarah Ann Roper  DinL  Unm 21     Harwich, Essex


 1861, Deslande Place, Journeaux Street, St Helier, Jersey, Channel Is.  RG9 4398 f22 p38
 Charles Burrell Witt  Head Mar 43   Clerk at Wine Merchants  England
 Sarah Witt  Wife Mar 53     England
 Susan Witt  Dau   17   Milliner  England
 Charles Witt  Son   13   Clerk at Ale Stores  England
 William Witt  Son   10   Scholar  England


 1871, Sorel, St John, Jersey, Channel Islands  RG10 5762 f82 p7
 Charles Burrell  Head  Marr 50   Hotel Keeper  England
 Phebe Burrell  Wife  Marr 45     England
 Phebe Dean  Niece  Unm 18     England


 1881, British Hotel, Beaumont, St Peter, Jersey, Channel Islands  RG11 5621 f96 p14
 Charles Burrell  Head  Marr 61   Wine Spirit Merchant  London
 Phebe Burrell  Wife  Marr 60     Taunton  Somerset
 Ellen Burrell  Niece   13   Bar Maid  Jersey  St Saviour's


 1891, 2 Wiltshire Place, St Peter, Jersey, Channel Islands  RG12 4700 f29 p7
 Mary Ann De Caen  Head  Wid 67   Ironer  Jersey
 Mary Jane De Caen  Dau  Unm 35   Assistant Ironer  Jersey
 Phoebe Burrell Lodger  Wid 70   Living on her own means  England


 1901, Farmers Hotel, St Ouens, Jersey, Channel Islands  RG13 5316 f90 p11
 John L M Prouings  Head M 39   Publican  Jersey St Ouens
 Ellen Prouings  Wife M 33     Jersey St Heliers
 Louisa Hacquoil Servant S 18   Cook (Domestic)  Jersey  St Ouens


 1871, 2 Holly Street, Dalston, Hackney, Middlesex  RG10 322 f164 p16
 Charles Burrell Witt  Head  Marr 26   Wholesale Grocer's Foreman  Finsbury, Middlesex
 Sarah Phoebe Witt  Wife  Marr 26     St Clement Danes
 Ellen Emma Burrell Witt  Dau      Jersey (Channel Islands)
 Phoebe Alice Witt  Dau      Dalston, Middlesex


 1881, West Street, Walthamstow, Essex  RG11 1731 f57 p22
 Charles B Witt  Head  Marr 35   Bricklayer's Labourer  Finsbury, Middlesex
 Phoebe Witt  Wife  Marr 36     St Clement Dane, Middx.
 Phoebe A Witt  Dau  Unm 12   Scholar  Dalston, Middlesex
 Adelaide A Witt  Dau  Unm  Scholar  Dalston, Middlesex
 Charles B Witt  Son  Unm  Scholar  Dalston, Middlesex
 William E Witt  Son  Unm    Hackney, Middlesex


 1901, 1 Married Quarters, Kneller Hall, Twickenham, Middlesex  RG13 1189 f125 p1
 Charles S Witt  Head M 27   Student (Royal Military School of
 Music)  Sergeant Infantry
 London Hackney
 Edith Witt  Wife M 25     Yorks Middlesboro
 Charles L Witt  Son S    Essex Walthamstow


 1891, Industrial School, St Martins, Jersey  RG12 4698 f140 p1
 William Witt  Inmate


12   Inmate  England
 one of 94 inmates/pupils          


 1901, 23 St Saviours Road Cottage, St Helier, Jersey  RG13 5312 f32 p3
 Elizabeth Witt  Head M 25   Sailors Wife Husband at Sea  Jersey St Heliers
 Winifred Elizabeth Witt  Daur   2m     Jersey St Heliers


 1911, The (LCC) Epileptic Colony, Epsom, Surrey  RG14 2965 f323 p31
 Amy Witt Inmate
38     London Dalston
 (and 330 other 'Lunatics')


 1841, Cheapside, London, Middlesex  HO107 722/4 f2/3 p9/10
 James Parkins     25   Clothier  Yes
 Allice Parkins     25     Yes
 Allice Parkins        [blank]
 Elizabeth Parkins        Yes
 Dora Parkins        No
 Sarah Barmer     20   F. S.  Yes
 Sarah Clapham     20   F. S.  Yes
 Margret Parkins     20   F. S.  Yes


 1851, 2 Montague Place, Islington, Middlesex  HO107 1501 f52 p18/19
 James Parkins Head Mar 39   Clothier  Middlesex City of London
 Alice Parkins Wife Mar 40     Middlesex City of London
 Alice Parkins Daur   16     Middlesex City of London
 Sarah E Parkins Daur   14   Scholar  Middlesex City of London
 Elizabeth Parkins Daur    Scholar  Middlesex Islington
 Edwd. W Parkins Son    Scholar  Middlesex Islington
 James Saml. Parkins Son    Scholar  Kent Greenwich
 Fanny Dodrich   Un 20   Servant  Somersetshire
 Ann Nutley   Un 15   Servant  Middlesex Chelsea


 1861, 7 Minerva Terrace, Deptford, Kent  RG9 392 f89 p12
 James Parkins Head Mar 49   Auctioneer  City of London
 Alice Parkins Wife Mar 50     City of London
 Sarah Parkins Dau Un 19     Islington
 Kate Parkins Dau Un    Kent Deptford
 Sarah Phillips Serv Un 17     Berkshire


 1841, Norris Street, Shoreditch, Middlesex  HO107 708/1 f33 p1
 George Witt     20   Wine Cooper  Yes
 Carolina Witt     20     Yes
 Alice Witt        Yes


 1861, 3 Dorset Cottage, East Road, Hoxton, Shoreditch, Middlesex  RG9 238 f121 p12
 George Witt  Head Mar 44   Messenger  Bishopsgate St
 Ann Witt  Wife Mar 40     Bishopsgate St
 William Witt  Son Un 18 


 Bishopsgate St

 Elen Witt  Dau Un    Bishopsgate St
 Eliza Witt  Dau Un    St Leonard Shoreditch
 Emma Witt  Dau Un    St Leonard Shoreditch
 George Witt  Son Un    St Leonard Shoreditch


 1871, 45 Forston Street, Shoreditch, Middlesex  RG10 445 f22 p38
 George Witt  Head  Marr 52   Cab Driver  Middlesex Bishopsgate
 Caroline Witt  Wife  Marr 51     Middlesex St Lukes
 Elizabeth Witt  Dau  Unm 17     Middlesex Shoreditch
 Emma Witt  Dau   13   Scholar  Middlesex Shoreditch
 George Witt  Son   11   Scholar  Middlesex Shoreditch


 1881, 15 Staff Street, Shoreditch, Middlesex  RG11 393 f73 p45
 George Witt  Head  Marr 63   Coachman (Dom)  Bishopsgate, Middlesex
 Caroline Witt  Wife  Marr 61   Gilderess (Carving)  St Lukes, Middlesex
 Emma Witt  Dau  Unm 23   Machinist  Shoreditch, Middlesex
 William Witt  Gson  Unm 15   Gilder  Shoreditch, Middlesex


 1861, 3 Hoxton Market, Hoxton, Shoreditch, Middlesex  RG9 240 f26 p57
 Fredk. White Head Mar 33   House Painter
 Middlesex Shoreditch
 Alice White Wife Mar 20     Middlesex Shoreditch
 Helen White Daur  
   Middlesex Shoreditch
 Alice White Daur
  ,Middlesex Shoreditch


 1881, 22 Gloster Row, Hoxton, Shoreditch, Middlesex  RG11 395 f54 p39
 Thos. Homer Head Mar 49   House Painter
 Middx. Islington
 Alice Homer Wife Mar 40     Middx. Shoreditch
 Thos. Homer Son
10     Middx. Shoreditch


 1871, 12 Craven Street, Shoreditch, Middlesex  RG10 451 f68 p24
 William Witt  Head  Marr 29 

[column blank]

[column blank]

 Emma Witt  Wife  Marr 24     
 William Witt  Son      
 Charles Witt  Son      
 Caroline Witt  Dau      


 1881, 15 Baches Street, Shoreditch, Middlesex  RG11 393 f18 p30
 William Witt  Head  Wid 38   Carver & Gilder  Midd Shoreditch
 Charles Witt  Son  Unm 12   Scholar  Midd Shoreditch
 Caroline Witt  Dau   10   Scholar  Midd Shoreditch
 Harry Witt  Son    Scholar  Midd Tottenham
 Sarah Galley  Niece  Unm 19   Servant  Midd Shoreditch


 1891, 1 Craven Street, Hoxton, Shoreditch, Middlesex  RG12 247 f81/81 p18/19
 William Witt  Head  Marr 25   Cabinet Maker  London Shoreditch
 Hannah Witt  Wife  Marr 25     London Shoreditch
 William Witt  Son  Unm  Scholar  London St Lukes
 Charles Witt  Son  Unm  Scholar  London Shoreditch
 William Witt  Father  Widr 58   Gilder Carver  London Old Ford


 1901, 15 Sidney Grove, St Luke's, Islington, London  RG13 257 f127 p22
 William Witt  Head M 35   Kitchen Table Maker  London Shoreditch
 Hannah Witt  Wife M 35     London St Pancras
 William Witt  Son   15   Furniture ___man  London St Luke
 Charles Witt  Son   14     London St Luke
 James Witt  Son      London Shoreditch
 Richard Witt  Son      London Islington
 Henry Witt  Son   7m     London Islington
 Clara Strange  SinL M 29   Ha___er  London Clerkenwell


 1901, 68 Walford Road, Stoke Newington, Middlesex  RG13 208 f24 p40
 Charles Witt  Head  M 32   Bagman G.P.O.  London Hoxton
 Elizabeth Witt  Wife M 26     London Hoxton
 Nellie B Witt  Dau      London Hornsey
 Charles G J Witt  Son      London Hornsey


 1891, 12 Great Eastern Buildings, Garden Walk, Shoreditch, London
 RG12 243 f113 p15
 Henry Ed. Curran
Head  M 46   Potman
 London Finsbury
 Emma Curran Wife M 34   Laundress  London Shoreditch
 Rose Curran Daur      London Shoreditch
 Alice Curran Daur


 1881, 5 Gloster Row, Hoxton, Middlesex  RG11 395 f51 p34
 George Witt Head  Mar 21   Carver & Gilder  Middx Shoreditch
 Matilda Witt Wife Mar 19   Tent Maker  Middx Shoreditch
 Elzbth Witt Sis Widow 25     Middx Shoreditch


 1891, 17 Coronet Street, Hoxton, Middlesex  RG12 248 f11 p15
 George Witt  Head  Marr 31   French Polisher  London
 Matilda Witt  Wife Marr 30   Tent Maker  London
 George Witt  Son Single  Scholar  London
 Matilda Witt  Dau Single  Scholar  London
 Maude Witt  Dau Single  Scholar  London


 1901, 9a Chambord Street, Bethnal Green, Middlesex  RG13 286 f83 p44
 George Witt Head  Marr 42   Picture Frame Gilder  London Hoxton
 Matilda Witt Wife Marr 40     London Hoxton
 George Witt Son Single 19   Fishmonger  London Hoxton
 Matilda Witt Daur Single 17   Tent Finisher  London Hoxton
 Maud Witt Daur   12     London Hoxton
 May Witt Daur      London Hoxton
 Eliza Curran Sister M 43     London Hoxton


 1861, 47 Drapery, Northampton, Northamptonshire  RG9 938 f107 p22
 John Perkins Head  Mar 43   Tea Dealer
 Northampton Northampton
 Anne Perkins Wife Mar 37     London Bishopsgate
 John Freeman
29   Grocers Assistant
 Warwick Birmingham
 William Culverhouse
20   Grocers Assistant  Beds Leighton Buzzard
 Joseph Payne
 Unm 16   Grocers (App)  Suffolk Woodbridge
 Maria Bishop
 Widow 43   Domestic Servant
 Middlesex Winchmore Hill
 John Cockerill
22   Porter  Northampton Collingtree


 1871, 5 Adelaide Terrace, Northampton, Northamptonshire  RG10 1482 f43 p39
 John Perkins Head  Mar 52   Grocer (Master employing 2 men 2 boys)
 Northants, Northampton
 Ann Perkins Wife Mar 47     London, Bishopsgate St.
 Job Wrate
24   Grocer's Assistant
 Cambridgesh, Chatteris
 William B. Borton
18   Grocer's Apprentice  Northants, Northampton
 Walter W. Ireson
 Unm 14   Grocers Apprentice
 Northants, Bugbrook
 Mary E. Gibbins
 Unm 24   General Serv.
 Leicestersh, Tur Langton


 1868, Lime Works, Warlingham, Surrey  RG11 806 f28 p49
 John Perkins Head  Mar 62   Commercial Clerk
 Northampton All Saints
 Anne Perkins Wife Mar 57     Middlesex London, St Botolphs Bishopsgate
 Mary Ann Percival
24   Domestic Servant
 Northampton Wold
 Arthur Mann

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