Other researchers


Other researchers connected to the tree, all of whom have made a contribution to it.  Most do not appear on the tree, but there is a link to their connection to the tree, and their Web site if they have one.  To prevent email addresses being harvested by spamming robots, they have been 'doctored'.  To get round this, simply copy & paste the (apparent) address into your email program or address book, and delete the space before the @ symbol, and the t+space after it.  E-mail me for contact details of those shown without email.

Surname Researcher and e-mail address Link to my tree Web site
ALCOCK Steve Tanner TnS750 @t aol.com John ALCOCK  
ANDERSON Ted Robinson (no e-mail) Jane ANDERSON  
  Sue Astbury sue_astbury @t btinternet.com Louisa ANDERSON  
BARKER Doug Stewart doug @t higherbound.net Isaac J BARKER Homepage
  Stuart Barker (no e-mail) John BARKER  
  Keith Barker (no e-mail) Albert E BARKER  
  Eric Barker (no e-mail) Alfred BARKER  
  Linda Howard (no e-mail) Charles E BARKER  
BULLARD Keith Moir moir.keith @t gmail.com Emily Eliza BULLARD  
COLLINS Jean Goddard jeannegoddard @t sky.com Alfred J COLLINS  
  Colin Ward (no e-mail) Sophia COLLINS  
  Richard Whitchurch-Bennett (no e-mail) Sophia COLLINS  
CONDON Pamela Steadman PAM99 @t btinternet.com Kathleen CONDON  
DARSLEY Nick Darsley nick @t darsley.freeserve.co.uk John DARSLEY  
DAVIS Pat Krishnan pat.krishnan @t ntlworld.com Arthur Henry DAVIS  
DAY Sue Fernie Sue.Fernie @t btinternet.com Frances DAY

Fern Trudeau Fern.Trudeau @t mdsps.com Frances DAY
GARROD Kevin Jeckells kevin.jeckells @t ntlworld.com Julia GARROD  
  Anna McCarthy anna.frank @t blueyonder.co.uk James GARROD  
  Sheila Forster, 1931-2010 Julia GARROD  
  Ernest Green rachel.boswell @t ntlworld.com Maria GARROD  
  Tony Smith laddus.smith @t virgin.net Albert GARROD  
  Lionel Perkins lionelrperkins @t hotmail.com Emma GARROD  
  Angela Warwick Angela.Warwick @t tesco.net Julia GARROD  
GATWARD Robin Watson robin.watson @t ntlworld.com Lily GATWARD  
GILBY Betty Watts bmwatts7 @t hotmail Albert Edward GILBY  
  Janet Avarne avarne @t btinternet.com Mary GILBY  
  Robin Gilby rg015f6260 @t blueyonder.co.uk Charles GILBY  
  Gordon Gilby gordon.gilby @t btinternet.com Herbert Alfred GILBY  
HAGGER J M R (Mike) Hagger mike @t hagger.org Peter C R HAGGER  
  Wendy Warren wendywarren @t waitrose.com Fanny A HAGGER  
  Doreen Oakman (no e-mail) Lucy J HAGGER  
  Patricia Beale pbeale @t totalise.co.uk Mary HAGGER  
  Della Fitzgerald Della.Fitzgerald @t dsl.pipex.com Lavender HAGGER  
  Andrea Humphrey andrea_paul_humphrey @t yahoo.com Dorothy E HAGGER  
  Lyn Pritchard lgpritch @t tpg.com.au Winifred HAGGER  
  Linda Warner warners7 @t bigpond.net.au Lily Rose HAGGER  
  Julie Humphries theowlsden @t tiscali.co.uk Florence HAGGER  
  Andrew Hagger APHagger @t hotmail.com John A HAGGER  
  Mervyn Hagger (no e-mail) Kimberly HAGGER Homepage
  Jean Kelly jean.kelly7 @t ntlworld.com Elsie E HAGGER  
  Trevor Harvey trevorharvey @t tiscali.co.uk Fanny A HAGGER  
  Peter Hagger peter @t hagger.org William A HAGGER  
  Wendy Ford Fairlawns @t aol.com Elsie Emily HAGGER  
  Rowena Hagger-Utting summerslost @t fsmail.net Arthur E HAGGER  
  Tony Warner wasaflyer @t live.co.uk Lucy HAGGER  
  Robert Hembury (no e-mail) Lilian HAGGER  
  Pamela Kimpton (no e-mail) Kate HAGGER  
  Beryl Ireland david.ireland1 @t ntlworld.com Lydia Eliza HAGGER  
  Linda Smith lindamsmith @t ozemail.com.au Ann HAGGER  
  Rhonda Tangey rtangey2006 @t yahoo.com.au Ann HAGGER  
  John Hicks (no e-mail) Mary HAGGER  
  Lisa Dunbar (no e-mail) Emma HAGGER  
  Lynne Valentine lynnevalentine2000 @t yahoo.co.uk Violet L HAGGER  
  Gary Congram Congram @t one-name.org.co.uk Lily E M HAGGER Homepage
  Leigh Childs chris-leigh.childs @t ntlworld.com Jane HAGGER  
  Jeanette Roberts juanarobertos @t yahoo.co.uk Nellie F HAGGER  
  Karen Brugnoli (no e-mail) Sydney G HAGGER  
  Anne Stormont AStor98288 @t aol.com Mary HAGGER  

Tony Parker tonyparker032 @t googlemail.com James HAGGER

Audrey Green (no e-mail) Lydia HAGGER

Teresa Docherty (no e-mail) Charlotte HAGGER
  William Turner (no e-mail) Lydia Eliza HAGGER  
LUBSON Derrick Lupson derricklupson @t yahoo.co.uk Edward LUBSON  
NEWTON Kevin Jeckells kevin.jeckells @t ntlworld.com Maria NEWTON  
  Sheila Forster, 1931-2010 Maria NEWTON  
  Brian Mayes brianmayes @t btinternet.com Maria NEWTON  
  Kelly Southgate kelly.southgate @t pathfindertelecom.com George NEWTON  
  Tony Smith laddus.smith @t virgin.net Charlotte NEWTON  
  Christine Hird chrishird @t hotmail.com Maria G NEWTON  
  John Newton John.Newton @t lamportbassitt.co.uk Hubert A NEWTON  
  Angela Warwick angela.warwick @t hotmail.co.uk Maria NEWTON  
  Chuck Gaish chuckgaish @t gmail.com Ann NEWTON  
  Vicky Sadler vick.sadler @t googlemail.com Sophia F NEWTON
  Susan Cox dcox99 @t ntlworld.com Amy Muriel NEWTON  
  Brian Bilverstone brian.bilverstone @t ntlworld.com Harriet NEWTON  
  Steve Bunnett (no e-mail) Eliza NEWTON  

Jacquie Drohan (no e-mail) Mary NEWTON
PHILLIPS Rita Lucas Luchrit @t aol.com Herbert C PHILLIPS  
  Paul Latimer Paul_Latimer @t msn.com Thomas PHILLIPS  
  Peter Phillips (no e-mail) Henry PHILLIPS  
  Pam Phillips pam @t inspire.net.nz James PHILLIPS Homepage
  Mary Burrows (no e-mail) William PHILLIPS  
PRACY Andrew Smith andrewpaulsmith @t hotmail.com Richard PRACY  
  Ann Keating cjk1 @t ozemail.com.au George PRACY  
  Mandy Adams Mandyadams2468 @t aol.com Frances E PRACY  
  David Pracy d_pracy @t hotmail.com John Weston PRACY  
  Bruce & Maureen Pracy bruce.pracy @t bigpond.com Robert S PRACY  
  Mike Booth michael_r_booth @t hotmail.com Eliza PRACY  
  Janice Eastment (no e-mail) Ivy Elizabeth PRACY  
  Mike Jenner (no e-mail) Gladys E PRACY  
RIDGWELL Peter Lockley (no e-mail) Ada M RIDGWELL  
  Jessica Nash (no e-mail) William RIDGWELL Homepage
STOTON Laurelle Simpson (no e-mail) Catherine STOTON  
  Rhona Perry RAPerry979 @t aol.com Emma STOTON  
  Rowena Hagger-Utting summerslost @t fsmail.net Catherine STOTON  
TRENCHARD Rachel Torode h.torode @t ntlworld.com Rosina TRENCHARD  
TURNER Chris Frost (no e-mail) Emily A M TURNER  
  Keith Truman (no e-mail) Emily E TURNER  
  Chris Vance (no e-mail) Emma E TURNER  
ULLINGER Clary ullingers @t yahoo.co.uk Eleanor ULLINGER Homepage
VARGESON Steve Vargerson Chris @t maviswood.freeserve.co.uk George VARGESON  
WEBB Vera Bailey vera-bailey @t tiscali.co.uk Albert WEBB  
  Pat Cryer pat @t cryer.freeserve.co.uk William S WEBB  
WITT Paul Smith drpsmith @t btinternet.com Harriet E WITT  
  Ann Tauber annwilkinson @t earthlink.net Fanny WITT  
  Sally Drain sallydrain4 @t verizon.net Minnie Francis WITT  
  David Witt (no e-mail)
Charles G WITT  
  Christopher Trigg cj.t @t virgin.net Hannah WITT  
  Verity Baylis  (no e-mail)
Mary WITT  
  Chris Rose (chris.rose2007 @t hotmail.co.uk) Maud Florence WITT  
  Alson Barrett (no e-mail) Jane Lubson WITT  
  James Ratcliff (no e-mail) William Joseph WITT  

Kenneth Witt (no e-mail) Henry Albert WITT


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